Borg McEnroe

7.0 IMDb
7 September 2017 Release
Genres:Biography, Drama, Sport
Countries:Sweden, Denmark, Finland
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The story of the 1980s tennis rivalry between the placid Björn Borg and the volatile John McEnroe.

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Movie Comments

  1. Kyle Perez, 1 week ago
    I was fortunate enough to see "Borg/McEnroe" on opening night for the 42nd Toronto International Film Festival. Without giving away too much (especially if you're like me and you didn't know much about this 1980s tennis rivalry coming into it), I will say that this is a fabulous film and everyone involved in the making of it should give themselves a huge pat on the back. They have done an incredible job in crafting a story that successfully explores, analyzes and pays homage to two contrasting albeit equally fascinating personalities in sports history.

    Both of the titular characters are played to perfection thanks to virtuoso performances from Sverrir Gudnason and Shia LaBeouf, the latter of whom was practically made for the role. Regardless of what you think about Shia, his commitment to any role is always awe- inspiring and here he gives a performance that so perfectly combines loud-mouthed arrogance with an icy determination that he actually makes it difficult for you to route against him. He creates a fascinating character alongside the calm, cool and collected persona of Björn Borg, played exquisitely well by Gudnason. Another performance that deserves a mention is that of Stellan Skarsgård, whose quiet loyalty really helps to anchor the film in the more pivotal emotional moments.

    In a lot of ways this film reminded me of "Rush (2013)", another excellent film that deftly explored an iconic sports rivalry and how each athlete helped to shape the other. Like Rush, "Borg/McEnroe" transcends the sport at hand to become an exploration of human suffering, resilience and, ultimately, redemption. Aside from the themes at hand, the technical brilliance of the film completely grabs your attention and never lets go until the final frame. In what is the first full-feature length film of Janus Metz, he creates a film that perfectly captures a game-changing moment in sports history and the contrasting personalities of the men who changed it.

    I really enjoyed this film and encourage anyone reading this to go see it!
  2. Kay_Lin, 1 week ago
    This film was a huge draw for a tennis fan like myself, one of three tennis films available at the Toronto International Film Festival this year (TIFF '17). Riding the high from the 2017 US Open, Borg/McEnroe dips back into history, depicting a well-known rivalry. While I wasn't too impressed with the tennis play scenes, which are arguably better in a real live match on ESPN, Borg and McEnroe does a good job of storytelling and visualizing of the stresses in the sport and what it takes to get to the top and stay there. It gives us a history lesson, depicting the players and their relationships among each other during that period in tennis history. I felt Borg's stress, paranoia, and superstitious nature that he felt was required to keep him at the top, but which ultimately led to his demise and burnout at the age of 26. It gave me a broader perspective of the effort and strength players need to put in in order to be competing at such a high level. Eye-opening film that gave me a greater appreciation of the game. Thanks Borg/McEnroe.
  3. johan_and_ersson, 6 days ago
    This is a movie about two people, two people who happened to be tennis players during the 80's. From the outside they were totally opposite, but as we learn in the movie they were very much the same.

    Looking at stats only, Björn Borg is one of the greatest players ever. If you consider that he quit when he was only 26 the stats are even more impressive John McEnroe had a longer career but people will never consider him as great as Björn Borg, which is also explained in the movie.

    The acting is fantastic, Shia LaBeouf, Stellan Skarsgård and especially Sverrir Gudnason are really good. It is not surprising that the director Janus Metz have done a lot of documentaries in his career.

    For tennis lovers this is a great watch, for those of you who are not into tennis or similar sports, you might still enjoy it!