Day of the Dead: Bloodline

3.4 IMDb
5 January 2018 Release
$ 8 000 000 Budget
21 Votes

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A small group of military personnel and survivalists dwell in an underground bunker as they seek to find a cure in a world overrun by zombies.

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Movie Comments

  1. Darkwalker173, 1 week ago
    From what I understood, Day of the Dead Bloodline is supposed to be a remake of Day of the Dead (1985). Now I must state for the record that I am not a fan of remakes as they usually fall flat, and I can't understand the need for them in the first place, and it shows a lack of originality as well. With that statement out of the way, Day of the Dead Bloodline was in fact far inferior to the original Day of the Dead, though to be fair it bares very little in common to the original. The acting was amateurish and the script was poorly written. The effects were actually pretty good, with the only exception being blood constantly expelled with explosive force from people being attacked, which is fine if you are watching a comedy but not so much in a supposed horror movie. All in all, I wouldn't recommend this movie, though if you have nothing else to do and want to watch it, go ahead, just don't expect something memorable.
  2. anunsguy, 1 week ago
    OK so here the story:

    The main character Zoe is a student in a hospital and study in epidemiology and have a patient called Max who have an abnormal amount of antibodies on his blood (at this point you already get what will happen on the movie). Unfortunately this patient his also a psychopath stalker in love with Zoe.

    The evening the student have a party and Zoe go get some beer on the morgue fridge...ok!, arrive Max who try to rape her but Zoe is a lucky girl and one of the body wake up and attack Max. Zoe run to the party to tell people to go out but zombies attack.

    Zoe's teacher who tell at the beginning she will not be at the party was here and turned to Zombie (How? Why? it's a mystery).

    Anyway everyone die (and turned to Zombie) and Zoe escape.

    You can notice on this movie that Zombie will attack people, bite them and go to the other victim (they don't eat them).

    We are five year later. Zoe is a doctor on a military base and work for a cure. Everything is well organized they have food, people are protected.

    One day a child became sick and need medicine they don't have. In order to prevent an outbreak Zoe ask to the lieutenant in charge to start a mission to get medicine into the hospital she was working because she know where the pharmacy is and she know the code ! (Yeah a bunch of soldier can't open a door closed with a locker).

    On the way, one of the 2 hummer broke in the middle of a forest and they start to yell to each others (yeah it's good to yell in the middle of a forest Zombie will not hear you at all !) until they start to fix the car.

    The night fall and the mechanic fix the car at the exact moment zombies start to attack from every side (Zombies start to hunt in group??).

    They escape and arrive at the hospital, they arrive at the pharmacy start to take everything they need to go back, easy?, no Zoe stop to her old office to pick up some pictures and other medicine, but a Zombie is looking at her. He attack and she shoot at him (but miss) and start to run and drop a scarf , the Zombie smell it and of course we recognize Max (What a surprise !)

    All the Zombies around start to attack. They escape but one of the soldier die (attacked from behind).

    They arrive in the base with Zombie Max hided under one of the hummer (WFT?, how did he get here?), Zombie Max go to hide before one of the military check the car.

    The base chef the lieutenant (I don't remember his name) blame Zoe for the death of the soldier.

    Anyway, Zoe get the medicine and cure the girl (I'm not a doctor but drugs don't have expiration date?). Now Zoe is crying on her bedroom watching the pictures she took, a man is dead for those pictures remember, I hope she cry because she understood how stupid she is ... .

    On this scene Zoe is wearing a black top (important) because on the next scene she is wearing a white one.

    But what happen with Zombie Max? After killing a soldier outside he's successfully sneak into the base at the last minutes before the door closes, unnoticed he start to look for Zoe using the aeration tunnel (Alien Style).

    No one noticed the missing soldier or the Zombie walking into the tunnel...

    Zombie Max successfully kill to other people (a couple), the woman yell but NO ONE hear her (they live in an underground base, it's just long tunnel, what about the echo??).

    Zombie Max attack Zoe and before he start to finish what he started 5 years earlier, Zoe ask the military to not kill him because he didn't tried to bite her. They restrain him on the lab.

    After that, the lieutenant of the base ask how Zombie Max sneak into the base? Was he alone? Do we have missing people? No I'm joking no one ask those questions.

    Zoe finally discover that Zombie Max was Max and start to use his blood to make a cure.

    During a scene where Zoe was arguing with her boyfriend she was wearing a white top, she left the room and when she arrive in the lab she was wearing a blue top...

    In order to work on the cure, Zoe need blood sample from Zombies, so without asking the lieutenant they organize a mission (during the night again) to take blood sample from Zombie by opening the main gate and let them pass one by one. When they where taking the blood sample from the second Zombie the guy who was holding the fence (alone against a bunch of zombie) start to yell to say he can't hold the fence. But no one care.

    The fence collapse and 2 soldier dies. But she got the sample ! (we are at 6 people dead because of Zoe since the beginning of the movie)

    She started to continue to work on the cure and at the moment she find it Zombie Max escape (he grab the key from a soldier earlier and hide them on his pocket).

    She escape and Zombie Max was free on the base.

    The military start to hunt him and Zoe go alone to take the sick little girl, and of course Zombie Max take her as hostage (first zombie hostage situation scene ever). Zombie Max release the little girl and grab Zoe and open the base gate and Zombies start to come inside. Military arrive shoot max (not deadly shoot yet) and save Zoe BUT the little girl afraid escape and go through the door Zombie Max open (outside) instead of going inside the base.

    Zoe run after the girl to save her and Zombie Max follow.

    All the military are killed by Zombies, the lieutenant too and the boyfriend is bitten. And Zombies go inside the the rest of the base and start to kill everyone.

    During this time Zoe, the little girl and Zombie Max play hide and seek and Zoe kill Zombie Max by cutting is head off (Finally).

    Zoe come back and find Baca (the boyfriend) ready to kill himself but she said NO I CAN MAKE A VACCIN ! (for who? everyone is dead).

    The next scene is Zoe giving the vaccine to Bacca save him and everything is good everyone is happy and THE END.

    So what about all the Zombies inside the base? They disappeared? (like the movie scenario).

    So what to say about Day of the Dead: Bloodline?

    The characters are stupid and have irrational behavior, hey let's go raid in the night an hospital full of Zombies ! Nothing bad will happen ! Most of the dead are people surprised from behind by a Zombie, are they deaf? or is it silent Ninja Zombies? The only rationnal character was the lieutenant who was supposed to be the bad guy.

    If I need to compare this movie with the original Romero Day of the dead, I will say that first of all this movie is not a remake at all and it's an insult to Romero movies.
  3. LoneWGK, 1 week ago
    The movie started out so so.

    What totally made me think this is crap is when they all of a sudden made the zombies clever. The one zombie is now a stalker and only goes after the specific woman. Its like a serial killer/rapist stalker movie but using a zombie do it.

    They could not make up their minds if they wanted to make a zombie movie or serial killer thriller.

    Zombie carrying a grudge and angry after seeing the woman he is after kissing her boyfriend. I mean come on, really.

    Zombies is supposed to be brain dead and only want to eat the living, in older movies zombies were slow as well, now they break records running sprints here. But i can still live with that, just not the genius stalker serial killer zombie.

    The rest got spoiled by bad acting and sloppy camera work.

    Not a good movie at all. Do not waste your time.
  4. omendata, 1 week ago
    Why is it with a budget of 8 million you cant make a better version than the original which cost a mere $3,000,000; its not rocket science but I guess you need a Romero at the helm.

    Not very scary or claustrophobic like the original was, woeful acting, illogical situations. cheddar cheesy dialogue and blood shooting out like a hose made it comical - The Walking Dead has it spot on so why not just copy if you dont have a clue what you are doing. I wont mention the ending which had the entire audience laughing - Oh my what were they thinking? And to add insult to injury the thrash metal "nettle-rash" music as my old dad used to call it at the end credits really did aggravate an already aggravated viewing sesh!

    Its not awful - the people who give 1 star are as bad as the shills who give 10/10 to every movie they review and havent a clue what the ratings systems means - 1 star means its the worst movie you have ever seen; watch "THE BAD BATCH" with Keanu Reeves then come back and tell me you would still give this a 1 star.

    To be fair Johnathon Schaech did a pretty good attempt at the original Bubba-zombie (he was the best actor in the whole thing) and the effects were not bad. The Dawn Of The Dead remake has been one of the best Zombo remakes but sadly this one is not. How very disappointing I must say! We can only hope Peter Jackson gets his Zombie movie that he has been talking about for over a decade off the ground, until then I guess us die hard zombo fans will have to make do with The Walking Dead!

    A fair 3/10 from me!
  5. imdb-2965, 6 days ago
    There are some spoilers in here, but I try to keep the details somewhat non-specific.

    Everyone behaves as dumb and illogical as possible; one evening they decide on a raid "farther than designated range" -- the next day. Apparently "farther" means either 12 hours driving or they did start in the afternoon because soon as they have some motor trouble with one of their two Humvees, the sun sets. Still, after some scare, they get to the hospital, where they go spelunking into the hospital, at night. They find the antibiotics they're after, while moving out the heroine goes off on her own to her old lab to collect some photographs, gets a bit ambushed, shoots a bit so every other "rotter" now knows they're there, and of course they loose somebody. Also, they import the heroines old stalker (under a car, because they didn't check), which now stalks everyone in their previously safe bunker. Of there's something suspicious going on, like noises in the aid ducts or blood dripping from somewhere, of course you're going to investigate it, alone, without anyone else even knowing where you are. After capturing the stalker, nobody is looking for several missing people the stalker already got before. Collecting other rotters for comparative samples is of course also something you do best at night. And then you realize that one person just is not heavy enough to hold a fence gate against 30 rotters...

    It's a massacre.