Resident Evil: Extinction

6.3 IMDb
20 September 2007 Release
$ 45 000 000 Budget
Genres:Action, Horror, Sci-Fi
Countries:France, Australia, Germany, UK, USA, Canada
19 Votes

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After the outbreak of the T-virus initiated in Raccoon City, the whole world is destroyed and crowded of flesh-eating zombies, and the humans keep moving, fighting to survive. Alice travels alone in her motorcycle through the Nevada Desert, where she meets a convoy of survivors lead by Claire Redfield with Carlos Olivera and helps them to fight against a bunch of zombie-crows. The group decides to travel to Las Vegas first to get fuel and supplies and then head to the decontaminated Alaska. Meanwhile, in an underground facility of the Umbrella Corporation, the evil Dr. Isaacs is researching an anti-virus to domesticate the zombies and cure people using clones of Alice. When Dr. Isaacs locates Alice through the satellite, he forges an order from the president and the troops chase Alice, while the group of survivors fights against a horde of zombies in Las Vegas.

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Movie Comments

  1. mfmoore-1, 1 week ago
    What made the resident evil series interesting is that it is the thinking man's zombie movie. It offered a typical sci-fi plot but it kept things based around certain rules, threw in some twists, and maintained at least reasonable premises.

    This movie strays from having any remotely rational plot and feels no need to offer explanations when it does. As a result it is a huge disappointment if you slow up looking for anything more than hacking up zombies for 94 minutes.

    (SPOILER ALERT) Here are just a few of the needlessly ridiculous premises you are asked to just accept without any further explanation...

    1. T-virus has spread and essentially wiped out humanity. Surprisingly, this caused all plant life to die and the earth turned into a desert. Take that greenpeace!

    2. Alice is now a jedi and can use the force to move rocks, bikes, and flaming gasoline at will.

    3. Zombies are incapable of climbing the 8 foot chain link fence surrounding Umbrella headquarters, but can easily scale the Eifel Tower and with surprising stealth.

    4. Olivera shoots a zombie which is clearly munching on LJ but thinks nothing of it. The entire group has apparently adopted a don't ask, don't tell policy regarding infection.

    5. Zombies have been functioning without any actual need of food or water (according to doctors) and will continue to for, and I quote, "DECADES." No further explanation given.

    6. Too much T-virus antidote turns you into an octopus.

    7. After reading an incoherent diary in Utah, the group decides to drive to Alaska, but opts to gas up in....LAS VEGAS! (damn these Umbrella maps) Umbrella anticipates this move and has an ambush waiting at the exact casino they stop at.

    8. Umbrella installed an on/off switch in Alice and cameras in her eyes but apparently did not find those things useful in tracking her the past 7 years or in confirming her identity when they spot her via satellite. Either that or Alice has no bars in rural Utah.

    9. Umbrella is cloning Alice and finds the best way to extract her blood is through repeated unnecessary and exotic deaths. Unfortunately cloned blood isn't as 'magic' as regular blood and they only end up piling up Alice corpses in the back yard like lawn clippings.

    10. Umbrella is developing a nation of domesticated zombies for use as Walmart photographers.

    11. Umbrella is developing an army of extra angry zombies and goes to the trouble of putting them in matching uniforms.

    12. In the event that society falls, mormon hillbillies will opt to lure innocent people into their lairs to feed their zombie dogs. Remember that then next time a missionary stops by your house.

    13. Eating infected meat causes crows to get infected...but not really. It also causes them to go blind...but not really.

    14. Zombies rule the earth and Umbrella is essentially trapped underground but the primary challenge the company is facing is the shortage of cheap labor.

    15. Food, water and fuel are almost gone, humanity is vanished, zombies are everywhere but the primary challenge facing survivors is...Umbrella Corp.
  2. sackjigler, 1 week ago
    Im not sure what video gamers were expecting when this series was turned into film. Just like books, comic books, and whatever else, the source material will more often than not be different from the film. However, that is not always a bad thing. Take Jurassic Park for instance. The movie was phenomenal, but nothing like the book. Anyways, the reason i'm saying this is because I myself have played the games and have enjoyed the movies quite a bit. Sure, there not masterpieces by any means, but I think they are time well spent to escape reality for a couple of hours. I think Milla plays a great heroine in distress and a serious badas s. The character development in this is non existent. You get a little speech to bring you up to speed, but if you haven't seen these before, you will be lost in the film. (A friend that I had brought asked me how Claire Redfield knew how to fly a helicopter.) But you're not in this movie for the character development. You want to see zombies die and Milla kick butt, and that is what this film delivers. There are some great scenes here and some pretty fun kills, not a whole lot that you haven't seen before, but still entertaining. The movie goes pretty quick and has some very nice things to add. Alice's telekinesis was very cool to watch, and I can see why she didn't get to use it a lot. A lot of the special effects were much better here than they were in previous films, and that was a definite plus. The bad is that it ends for another to be made, and this is supposed to be the last. A lot of main players lose their lives, and that's fine, cause the movie doesn't give you time to care for them. Nope, the main focus here is Milla and she delivers the goods. Good fights, good kills, not much logic, pretty decent special effects, and the greatest pot smoking scene in history make this worth seeing in my opinion. If you liked the first two, you should enjoy this just the same. Personally, I don't think any of them have been too bad.

    P.s. why did they keep airbrushing Milla's face, she is entirely too beautiful for that.
  3. fasc, 1 week ago
    The increasingly tired premise of a zombie-producing virus has been around for some years, having replaced the seductive living dead mystery of prior generations. I don't expect much of horror films, but I expect more than this. RE:E is just silly.

    The cast is all here: evil corporation, out-of-control scientist, hapless minions who get locked in with the experiments gone wrong, multicultural gang of human fugitives strangely dressed in skimpy clothing and carrying military grade technology, etc. The story is advanced, but only in the direction of absurdity. Alice is still alive, but this time it would appear she's an android not only with superhuman agility and strength, but also with the ability to shut down satellites in space using her mind. She's always been one. And if that wasn't enough, she's also psychic--with the ability to generate force fields around herself and her friends. Most of the zombies look alike this time, strangely clothed in identical gray jumpsuits. You can now kill them by cutting their throats, shooting them in the abdomen, or dropping them off short buildings.

    A few dozen overly loud bangs, crashes, and gunfights later and we get a showdown between Alice and the mutated evil doctor, carried out in a bad paste of unconnected rooms from previous films.

    Close on a scene with the greedy corporate suits getting a holographic warning of their impending doom from a snippy Alice, and you have a film designed to sell wholly on the game's reputation and not because it's sincerely engaging, scary, or even interesting.

    PS: here's an idea for a drinking game. Every time Milla Jovovich is on screen and her face has been digitally altered to look smoother than it actually is, that's a shot.