5.0 IMDb
20 April 2017 Release
$ 12 000 000 Budget
Genres:Drama, Thriller
15 Votes

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A woman sets out to make life a living hell for her ex-husband's new fiancée.

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Movie Comments

  1. Zbigniew_Krycsiwiki, 2 weeks ago
    Obvious melodrama about a woman being harassed by her fiance's sociopathic ex-wife, and her own violent ex- boyfriend. Sleazy, depressing, and is pointlessly​ told through flashback (from six hyperbolic months earlier) for three quarters of its lazy story, before jumping ahead another six hyperbolic months for the ending.

    Heigl is chilling in this, but everyone and everything else is laughable.

    It was also a bit unclear when this story is taking place, as characters still have landline phones (along with cell phones) and still have the newspaper delivered to their front door.

    The final " Oh, here we go again " end scene, with the grandmother, made me shout, " Oh, f*** off! " at the screen.
  2. estherde, 1 week ago
    I am not sure what a movie like this is doing in a theater and not on the Lifetime channel. It's predictable, stupid, and boring. I kept looking at my watch, hoping it was over soon. Once you have seen a terrific movie like "Fatal Attraction", a poor man's version of crazy other woman just won't do. And why is it that a terrific actress like Rosario Dawson seems to get stuck in poor flicks like this. She deserves better. Katherine Heigl, not so much.