The Dinner

4.5 IMDb
10 Feb 2017 Release
Genres:Crime, Drama, Thriller
13 Votes

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Reluctantly, the caustic and eccentric former high-school teacher Paul Lohman prepares himself for the unbearable task of having dinner at a posh restaurant with his wife Claire, after an invitation by his older brother Stan who is running for Congressman and his second wife, Katelyn. As it was expected, soon, as the four sit uneasily chatting and bickering over a parade of absurdly expensive and intricate dishes, the tension will start bubbling up until Stan makes clear the reason for this gathering. Apparently, it concerns their sons who harassed an innocent homeless lady, and unfortunately, they got involved in a horrendous incident and committed a crime. What should the parents do? Should they be protective, covering up the dreadful incident for the sake of their sons' future or should they expose them to be rightfully punished? After all, she was only a nameless woman. Enjoy watching The Dinner online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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