Fun Mom Dinner

4.9 IMDb
27 January 2017 Release
25 Votes

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Four moms whose only common ground is their kids' preschool class, decide to get together for a harmless "fun mom dinner."

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Movie Comments

  1. Bob An, 1 week ago
    This is a good film for Saturday evening when you don't have anything better to do or you don't know what to do with yourself.

    I can not say that it was funny - to me it was not, but it was entertaining and that is what - at the end of the day - I ask of the film. I guess those married with kids may appreciate it more.

    The fun fact is seeing Maroon 5 leader in it. The other 4 moms were OK in their roles, with the biggest mom being the funniest. The dads were kinda ... too non substentinal.

    The scene with kids on the boat was kinda what the hell is going on here? And...when did she lose the phone? I guess they did not know how to make a film of 80 minutes so they added some scenes which can be totally different film.

    All in all, it was O.K. My rating is 5,6 (6).

    The music was good.
  2. treborquest, 1 week ago
    There was only one other user review here, so I just had to leave another one. This is probably the most pointless movie ever. I think it is supposed to be funny and sure it may have gotten me to lift the corners of my mouth a few times, slightly. But the whole time, and yes I finished watching it, I was waiting for the movie to go somewhere, so have a point, to, I don't know, start really. What bugs me the most is Toni Colette's part. She is in my eyes a great actress who can do amazing things. Molly Shannon on the other hand is one of those actresses I usually avoid (the other two I didn't know). But how did Colette end up in this part? Did she have to fulfill a contract? And what did Adam Levine doing in this movie? He seems so out of character. The acting overall is lame, the plot is empty, the things that happen make no sense, especially ending up on the boat with the kids. That part just didn't even looked as if it belonged in this movie. All in all, one tip: don't watch this. gave it 2 stars cause I've seen even worse than this, but more it sure doesn't deserve.
  3. kornist, 1 week ago
    Really liked this movie. Its just fun and cute, nice humor. All the time watching I was smiling. I think the creators didn't even want it to be "realistic", its a comedy and a comedy makes you laugh/smile - I like that. So for those looking for something silly and sweet - this is a go.
  4. rocknrollfox, 1 week ago
    I wasn't too sure about watching this movie, but it was everything I wanted Bad Moms to might have to do with the age of the actresses, the cool 80's teen movie music choices, Jake Ryan references, and Toni Collette. If you were a teen or tween when Pretty in Pink came out, and have kids now, I think you'll appreciate this as the fun film it is.