Dead Again in Tombstone

4.1 IMDb
11 September 2017 Release
16 Votes

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Guerrero returns from the dead once more to protect a stolen relic from getting into the hands of a gang of soldiers, which will ultimately cause hell upon earth.

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Movie Comments

  1. unbrokenmetal, 1 week ago
    Colonel Boomer (Jake Busey) suspects that Guerrero (Danny Trejo) knows where a book about black magic rituals is hidden. He threatens to kill his family, consisting of daughter Alicia (Elysia Rotaru) and grandma (Michelle Rios, much too young for the role and therefore covered with ridiculous make-up) if Guerrero doesn't tell him the hiding place. Now Guerrero is undead since his pact with the devil in part 1 and comes back several times from the dead. How can Boomer deal with a man he cannot kill, how can Guerrero save his family, and what does the magic book really do?

    The first movie was a horror movie in the disguise of a western, but the sequel - apart from the MacGuffin, the magic book - is a much more traditional western about protecting your family against gunfighters (even if some of them are zombies). The technical qualities are good. For example the scene when Boomer blows up a stagecoach and at the same time, Guerrero is caught in an explosive trap in the town, the two explosions are cut parallel to each other, really elegant editing you hardly ever see in cheap movies. If I voted one notch below for the sequel (6 of 10 after 7 of 10 for the first movie) it's because 'Dead Again' lacks a villain of Mickey Rourke's caliber. Otherwise it is a satisfactory variation of the 'Undead Gunman' theme.
  2. Wizard-8, 1 week ago
    I only thought that the original "Dead in Tombstone" was just okay, but I decided to give this sequel a chance, given my love for westerns and for the fact that Danny Trejo was returning. Most likely you'll find this sequel a few notches below whatever you thought of the first movie, as I did. I admit that the movie looks pretty slick for the most part, though some interior scenes are either severely underlit or overlit, and there is some very unconvincing CGI blood and gore. But the script is kind of a mess. There are a number of plot points that are either vague or unexplained at all, and the result is that there is a feeling that the filmmakers were making things up as they went along. The sorry and clumsy script may explain why stars Danny Trejo and Jake Busey seem to be going on autopilot instead of delivering their lines with conviction and true menace. As for the action sequences, it comes across as standard stuff at best, not directed or choreographed in a way that grabs your attention. The movie is not dull, I admit, but all the same it's quite unsatisfying to watch.
  3. zebulonguy, 1 week ago
    I so wanted to like this movie and in some parts it does deliver, there is an excellent stagecoach sequence when the villains are in "hot pursuit". Danny Trego is OK in the lead but I feel he just cannot have enough talent to carry the film through on his own. The plot is discussed elsewhere but the mixture of a western and the supernatural is always interesting and as I said some sequences are rather well done and some of the landscapes are very impressive. The problem is a weak script and the major "downer" for the entire movie is Jake Busey, he may have inherited his father's looks but certainly none of his acting talent. His performance is one of the worst I have ever seen in a movie and has to be seen and heard to believe such bad acting is possible. A shame because the film is a valiant attempt and let down by the second lead.