Sharknado 5: Global Swarming

4.1 IMDb
6 August 2017 Release
$ 3 000 000 Budget
Genres:Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi
16 Votes

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After a fearfully brief period of peace, things are getting really serious, as a fact-finding expedition led by Sharknado Sister Nova about the origins of the devastating phenomenon, accidentally triggers a wave of ferocious and bigger-than-ever Sharknados, with the prehistoric Stonehenge as the epicentre. As a result, while the annihilating Sharknado batters down the British capital, Fin's young son, Gil, gets sucked into the heart of a brutal cyclone, with minimal chances of survival. Inevitably, Fin Shepard, an international hero and the only man in the world qualified for the job, along with his intrepid bionic spouse April must track down the Sharknado that rapidly transforms into the unimaginable: a global abnormality that wreaks havoc across its way. Now, Fin and April are against the world, because, this time, it is personal.

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Movie Comments

  1. littlereview, 1 week ago
    I just want to point out that, as bad as the dialogue can be and as ridiculous as the liposuction, Botox, and skin stretching on many of the actresses appears, all of the Sharknado films pass the Bechdel Test and most have more substantive roles for women than the Avengers franchise. This one has Nichelle Nichols running NATO and Olivia Newton-John as a bionic scientist.
  2. Jesse Schermann, 1 week ago
    First off I really enjoyed this movie and well the entire series truthfully

    Secondly this is my first review so lets get started...

    Even though the acting can be bad and CGI bad I found this movie had a better budget than previous installments but anyways Sharknado 5: Global Swarming is about Fin Shepard and April Wexler trying to find their son since he got caught up in a Torando so they travel around the world trying to find Gil its can be a roller-coaster to know whats happening but I loved this movie.... Sure it's not a Hollywood BLOCKBUSTER but It knows that and well 4 films from the first one you would think that they're running out of ideas, Well they aren't so get ready for

    Sharknado 6: Shark to the Future maybe? (You will understand when you see it)
  3. dncorp, 1 week ago
    If you have nothing else to watch, and need to watch something, Sharknado 5 should entertain you (if you watched the previous Sharknados).

    Unlike the Non Factual, not Historical accurate "Touchy Feely""Feelings and Emotions" Remake Dunkirk 2017 as diametrically opposed to the Very Factual Dunkirk 1958.

    Or the War for the Planet of the Apes 2017 that really did not have a "War" just a couple of small battles.

    As soon as you start watching Sharknado 5 you have to know that this franchise is all about something that will be really ridiculous.....and will insert some Adult level jokes or parodies.

    Some of the jokes or parodies would mean that you spent most of your life watching quite a lot of movies, TV Series, U.S. and International, News Stations, even TV Commercials.
  4. JasonLang, 1 week ago
    This movie continues further into be so horrible, ridiculous, and stupid that is entertaining, enjoyable, creative, and glorious. Not the best, but great. Sharknado was originally a cheesy shark movie with a tornado, but this franchise has gone berserk. All hell breaks lose in this movie, but I love how this ends and cant wait for Sharknado 6, this movie honestly seems like a set up for sharknado the final chapter or something. This movie was hilarious and great with all it's bad movie elements, but it is obvious they acknowledge that and go for it. I still like the story somewhat and the characters even though it is mostly ridiculous.