7.3 IMDb
26 September 2016 Release
$ 9 000 000 Budget
117 min Duration
Genres:Horror, Thriller
Countries:Japan, USA
Director:M. Night Shyamalan
Writer:M. Night Shyamalan
7 Votes

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After a birthday party in a mall, teenagers Casey Cooke, Claire Benoit and Marcia are abducted by a man. Soon they learn that the man has DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) with several personalities. His psychologist Dr. Karen Fletcher is aware of his personalities but does not suspect that he is the kidnapper of the three girls. Casey, who has been abused by her Uncle John since she was a kid, tries to manipulate the weakest personalities to escape, but the problem is that the strong personality, The Beast, is quite unleashed and coming.

Movie Comments

  1. Diddisnap, 1 month ago
    This most definite psychological thriller was surprising, with outstanding performances by James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Betty Buckley. Of course, in M. Night Shyamalan fashion, there are twists and turns that you don't see coming. I read that Split 2 is coming out in 2019 - can't wait!
  2. Mike_Devine, 1 month ago
    After a string of box office and critical disasters, it appears M. Night Shyamalan has got his groove back. In 2017, the notorious horror/suspense director from Pennsylvania brought audiences 'Split' - a deeply disturbing psychological thriller that focuses on the human mind - and experience- rather than aliens, ghosts or killer trees.

    'Split' revolves around a kidnapping of three teenage girls by a creepy young man who is revealed to suffer from dissociative identity disorder (DID). In fact, 23 personalities reside within the mind of McAvoy's character. It's fair to say an alternative title for 'Split' could be 'The James McAvoy Show,' as the actor demonstrates his breadth in this role. Not every actor could play this role, as he brings out eight of his personalities in their entirety and never misses a beat.

    Because his performance is so strong, it's easy to overlook the job done by Anya Taylor-Joy, who is handed the tough task of playing the girl who must remain calm when everything in her being tells her to react differently. However, the audience soon learns to understand why she is the way she is - through a slow reveal of a traumatic childhood experience. This backstory gives her character even more of a reason to succeed in this challenge.

    While the cast is the main attraction in 'Split,' it's also worth noting that Shyamalan's signature filming style is back. From unique camera angles to the use of foreshadowing as a technique, it's good to see the director who won over so many fans nearly two decades ago can still deliver. While the film is not scary in a traditional sense, it is incredibly unsettling and hits a nerve with many.

    'Split' is not the greatest film out of the Shyamalan collection, but it signals the director is back in the saddle.
  3. shakoorwahib, 4 weeks ago
    The film delivers. The movie is a classic Shyamalan thriller and a surprise return to form from his previous dull deviations with films like the Unbreakable and The Last Airbender. When this movie came out, I was quite reluctant to watch it but after hearing so much about it I finally gave it a shot. James McAvoy's brilliance combined together with the distinct characters and an exceptional script made the movie run out of time for me. I would have glided through two more hours of watching the countless troubled souls that the film juggled with. The only thing that kept me for rating it a complete 10/10 is how the movie in some ways glamorizes an actual mental disorder. Nonetheless, Split is an amazing movie to watch and perhaps the best psychological thriller that came out in the last decade or so. I would recommend anyone to watch the movie if they are looking for some real thrills.