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22 April 2017 Release
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It's 1870 and the Civil War has been over for three years. An old, abandoned mine is now being transformed into a military stronghold by a corrupt mayor (Stephen Lang) and his band of outlaws led by the blood-thirsty thug Reb (John Lewis) hell-bent on reigniting the war. When a U.S. Marshal (Nathan Parsons) comes to town only to learn from the local teacher (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) that his brother(Jackson Rathbone) , the town priest, has been murdered, his search for the killer leads to an inevitable clash that becomes a life or death struggle for a much greater cause.

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Movie Comments

  1. john-hebbe, 1 week ago
    I love a good western so much that I can even enjoy a fair to medium one. This one never rose to the lowest level. I also write for the stage so I recognize good writing. And directing. Let me list a few glaring shortcomings here: Writing. Directing. Sets. Make up. Costumes. Probably more. Everything seemed to be deficient. Perhaps the actors could have been good . . . but not when living with these problems. This production -for most involved- will probably be poisonous to their careers and for this I sympathize with them. One star. It goes downhill from there. During the credits at the end of "Justice", I noticed the names listed for the people in town and those who appeared as Army soldiers. It is entitled: TOWNSPEOPLE AND CALVERY. Suddenly I realized that my earlier, unflattering remarks were well deserved. Make it ½ star.
  2. alwatts, 1 week ago
    I thought that the day of the good western was still around the corner this mess proves that its not around the corner nor is it anywhere is sight. How it took a bunch of people to write this I have no idea it names three and tells you there may be more guilty of inflicting this on the viewing public.I on't spoil the ending because thats the best part (when the finishing credits roll by) picture a cowboy on a horse we are to believe he has come a long way looking at the absence of any real dust, then the fact he has no bed roll. (the saddle bags seem to come and go ) but as far as having anything to cook with,to sleep on or at some time change a shirt which he does ther is nothing to sustain him come forward a little (that's if you haven't turned it off like i should have)he is asked by the girl (there is always a girl) where is is spending the night to which he answers I will sleep out(what on?)still no food still no blankets cooking gear man this cowboy is tough the town is also a classic there are so many people walking back a forth carts coming down the street its one busy little place in the part of where you and I read the goofs ther is something about the church one better than the one mentioned is that the villains are only a few steps away when the church caves in you would not want to go there on a Sunday with the candles lit. Look if you want excitement don't pick this shocker try an o;d episode of Rawhide.
  3. pathopperlpc, 1 week ago
    I kept asking myself, "Is this a comedy?" No, a comedy would be more entertaining. I had to conclude this was not an attempt at parody. I am thinking that the people responsible for this unbelievably ridiculous, half-baked insult to the cinematic arts were actually serious. I'm sure they were junior high school students with a lot of money. The characters are thin, stereotypical shadows of archetypal heroes and villains and damsels in distress. The sophomoric story and never developed plot will leave you embarrassed for the poor souls whose names appear in the credits. The scenery was pretty good, though.
  4. tom_sykes-52088, 1 week ago
    Cowboy cliché after cowboy cliché. The lead is a 3 rd rate Clint Eastwood and ever other character, from the saloon whore with a heart of gold to the wicked black hearted mayor, has less life than the stage props. How many farm girls in the West fed chickens in full make and a clean dress?
  5. omendata, 1 week ago
    Watched the equally dire Hickock movie last night and another howler tonight.

    Despite the excellent Stephen Lang being in it, he couldn't save the farcically bad acting of the rest of the cast , the dire story and the whole thing in general.

    As someone else watching at the time pointed out - the characters all look clean and tidy whereas real westerns like Pale Rider they actually looked dirty, unshaven, wretched and like a real cowboy back then would probably look like - In all these modern cowboy movies the art is lost and its all full of pretty boys like Hemsworth with their six packs , tans and glamour boy antics - as my girlfriend often says- "where are all the real men these days"? - As i say , well you women ushered in the metrosexual and are now complaining that modern men have no balls so its actually your fault lol Feminism eh doesn't really know what it wants - like most women really but I digress...

    Seriously though if you want a decent western you will have to look into a back catalogue of 20 years ago as I haven't seen anything to rival the WILD BUNCH or any of Clint Eastwoods epic westerns!