Home Alone

7.5 IMDb
10 November 1990 Release
$ 18 000 000 Budget
103 min Duration
Genres:Comedy, Family
Director:Chris Columbus
Writer:John Hughes
8 Votes

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Kevin McCallister is an arrogant 8-year-old boy who hates the fact that he lives in a family who constantly bullies him. While his family leaves for their European Christmas vacation, they leave him behind by accident. Despite this, Kevin makes the best of this situation, as he finally earns the freedom he's always wished for by jumping on beds, eating ice cream, watching gangster movies, and doing what ever he pleases. However, two robbers, the ever so stupid Marv and his right-hand man, the highly intelligent Harry invade his neighborhood by stealing precious valuables of his neighbors. Now, it's up to Kevin to save the day! He must save his house from being robbed before it's too late with a series of traps. Will he win? Will he get his family back?

Movie Comments

  1. shoobieK57 (shoobieK57@coolsite.net), 1 month ago
    Oh, come on, IMDb users. How could this film get only a 6.5? Yes, it's a kid's movie, but I know plenty of adults(not including myself) who loved this film. It touches our hearts, and tickles our funny bones. Not to mention I think in one way or another we could relate to it. That's why it remains a classic Christmas comedy.

    Home Alone is not only one of the highest box office successes of all time, but it deserves more praise. Mac showed a talent that very little child stars have now-a-days. He brought in a great comedy about a boy who accidentally is left home alone when his family goes on vacation and takes on two burglars.

    Yeah, it's quit unrealistic about the burglars, but honestly, this is a terrific family film. Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern are the perfect comedy duo of two idiots who can't rob the place because a 8 year old child has out witted them and set some clever and very funny traps around the house.

    Please give this movie a chance, it's just terrific and I guarantee nothing but great laughs for you and the whole family.

  2. josephinehaver, 1 month ago
    'Home Alone' is about a boy, living in a big house together with quite a view family. It's almost Christmas and the family is preparing to go on a holiday to France! Everyone is busy picking his clothes. The next morning they are leaving to go to the airport. In all hustle and bustle, they forgot Kevin. He's home alone now... Two thieves are making plans to break into the house, where Kevin is still spending his holiday. Is Kevin too clever for the two thieves?

    This film is absolutely my all-time favorite Christmas story. The main characters and places were chosen well and everything is fitting great. There are very much funny moments in the film and the pace is perfect, nor too fast neither too slow. I watch this movie every year with Christmas and I'm still not losing my focus while watching it. The film creates a nice Christmas feeling. Maybe it's not the best plot, but it's hilarious and I recommend you to watch it with the whole family.

    Compared to the other 'Home Alone' films, I think part one and two are the best. After part two the cast changed and that made it for me less well.
  3. Dave, 1 month ago
    This is one of the better Christmas films. In this comedy, a child is accidentally left at home when his family go to France on holiday. He has to defend the house from two burglars.

    There are some parts of the story which are ridiculous. For example, how could everyone forget Kevin? How could he have slept through the huge amount of noise from everyone else getting up, getting ready, talking and leaving?