What Happened to Monday

6.9 IMDb
6 Aug 2017 Release
Genres:Action, Adventure, Crime
Countries:UK, France, Belgium
22 Votes

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The year is 2073, where overpopulation, limited fossil fuels and global food shortage have led to the biggest crisis in human history and the enforcement of the strict mandatory one-child-per-family policy, called the "Child Allocation Act". Under those circumstances, the ruthless political activist Nicolette Cayman promises a bright future in a brave new world, while at the same time, Terrence Settman decides to get around the government's decree, in a desperate attempt to hide his septuplet grandchildren. As a result, the siblings named after each day of the week will inevitably take turns impersonating their late mother, Karen Settman, going out in the world only on the corresponding days of the week, sharing information with the rest of the sisterhood every night. And then, one day, something happens to Monday. Enjoy watching What Happened to Monday online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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