Call Me by Your Name

8.2 IMDb
22 January 2017 Release
$ 412 932 Budget
Genres:Drama, Romance
Countries:Italy, France, Brazil, USA
23 Votes

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In Northern Italy in 1983, seventeen year-old Elio begins a relationship with visiting Oliver, his father's research assistant, with whom he bonds over his emerging sexuality, their Jewish heritage, and the beguiling Italian landscape.

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Movie Comments

  1. Aaron Salazar, 1 month ago
    If you've read the book, you will not be disappointed. If you've not read the book, you must. They fit together as a beautiful work together. Companions in art. One without the other, and you just aren't as fulfilled. I cannot wait to reread the book.

    Timothée's performance is one for the history books. The Adele Excharpolous à la Blue is the Warmest Color of the year. His eyes are so expressive and every emotion and action is so deeply felt by this poor tortured soul that by the ending you cannot help but weep and feel at the absolute lowest you've ever been.

    Armie is portrayed to perfection, as well. His "later" and other phrases stand out so sharply in a world of prompt and prim dialect that it makes us feel engaged in a way that I've never felt by a movie. He was such an outsider and yet we were assimilating to his was as opposed to the way it should be. He, a guest, in Italy, for 6 weeks, leaves just as American as the day he arrived.

    Luca's obsession with men dancing and swimming pools and beautifully choreographed sex, is perfect for this story. I cannot think of a better match. Luca said in the Q&A afterward that he decided to change a few things from the book because not everything written in prose works on screen in a cinematic way, and if you've read the book, you will agree. He also said the author, who makes a small cameo in the film, thinks Luca's changes are better than the original form. So, that's affirming.

    Peach scene? Devastating. Sufjan's new songs? Devastating.

    This was a very sad movie but I loved every second. Let's hope Suspiria is even better. Luca G. might be the most exciting director working today. It was a privilege to watch this with him and the amazing cast and crew INCLUDING Sufjan. I hope Sony Pictures Classics doesn't mess up the distribution/awards campaign. This deserves praise.

    Also, 10/10 opening credits/font. Luca can do no wrong.
  2. borromeot, 1 month ago
    I cried my eyes out. It was cleansing and reinvigorating. Timothee Chalamet is the living image of a friend from my childhood. He had a similar experience but a very different outcome and it made me think with a broken heart that if my friend had had a father like Elio's father he could have had a real chance at a happy, constructive life, instead of the agonizing pain that he went through. I hadn't though about him for years and Timothee brought him back to me with enormous power. What a beautiful, beautiful performance. Armie Hammer is a total revelation, the perfect foil for a first love. Michael Stuhlbarg introduces us to a character I had never seen on the screen before. He moved me no end, Then, of course, Luca Guadagnino. My hat to you sir. This is a film I will see many times.