Annabelle: Creation

6.7 IMDb
19 June 2017 Release
$ 15 000 000 Budget
109 min Duration
Genres:Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Director:David F. Sandberg
Writer:Gary Dauberman
10 Votes

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12 years after the tragic death of their little girl, a dollmaker and his wife welcome a nun and several girls from a shuttered orphanage into their home, where they soon become the target of the dollmaker's possessed creation, Annabelle.

Movie Comments

  1. DakotaTheGamer, 2 months ago
    This movie was great I didn't think it was gonna be this good the beginning was so amazing didn't think they would show that's how Annabelle becomes Annabelle but the only thing that I didn't like in the beginning is that it didn't show enough story to how Annabelle becomes evil and stuff but torge the end that's what they do but its a little late and the middle was absolutely amazing that was the best part of it I thought it showed a bunch of scary scenes and horrific ones but torge the end when you see the demon like in the first one ts the same one and I don't like how they show him off he just looks fake they should have just used a ghost type demon or something of that sort but the ending was good too especially the way end of it and it basically shows how this one goes to the next one if you watch the first one first and it's really amazing how they did that but there wasn't much I didn't like about the movie but there was one thing the crippled girl we didn't really get what happened to her all the way cause at the end you see what happened to her and what Annabelle did but is she was gone or was she there for a little and got possessed again I don't know but I rate it an 8/10 and I recommend watching it way better than the first.
  2. LoneWolfArcher, 1 month ago
    I have been a fan of The Conjuring universe since the first film. I think as far as horror goes they are among the most well done films in the genre.

    Before I get into the review of this film, I'd like to address a common criticism of Annabelle. "It just just like Chucky." That is so wrong. Chucky was an animated doll with snarky one-liners. Annabelle, as is the case in The Conjuring universe, is much more sinister and foreboding. Other than rocking in a chair, you never see her move. That adds to the fright factor. And the doll is just beyond creepy.

    Now that that is out of the way, this film doesn't deserve the ratings it is getting here. I felt it was fairly well done and written. The best criticism I have heard of it is the poor decisions of the characters in the film. Yes, they do make some bad decisions, but then who hasn't? It isn't like the young ladies in the film were expecting their to be an evil doll locked in the closet of the house.

    In fact, this is the biggest criticism I can think of for this film. Why the Mullins didn't explain to the orphans that they had a daughter that died, and that for sentimental reasons her room was off limits is beyond me. The secrecy of it all leads to juvenile curiosity, and the unleashing of the banished evil in the doll in the closet.

    Still, the movie is pretty well done and I love (minor spoiler alert) the way it was tied into the first Annabelle movie.

    Definitely worth a watch if you are fan of The Conjuring and its universe.

    (Note, one other tie in I enjoyed was the picture of the nuns with the evil nun from The Conjuring series showing on the right.)