6.8 IMDb
5 September 2017 Release
$ 33 000 000 Budget
Genres:Drama, Horror, Mystery
17 Votes

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A couple's relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home, disrupting their tranquil existence.

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Movie Comments

  1. boris-mesin, 3 months ago
    My wife and I planned out an evening out, without our kid, for the first time in ages. We thought to catch some good movie and - ended up with Mother! The only scary thing in this movie (since it is supposed to be a horror) is the fact that I watched it!

    This is the biggest pile of crap I have ever had misfortune to spend 2 hours of my life on and even had to pay for it!!! And I've watched some really bad movies! This is the first time in my life that I've witnessed entire movie theater stood up after the movie finished, with blank look in their eyes, wondering what the hell did we just watch. Even asking other people if they understand what the hell this movie is about!!!

    Completely pointless, no story line, confusing, hard to watch because of idiotic camera filming at Jens face all the time... At the end all you want to do is sue somebody for time and money wasted.

    I cannot understand how did all those A-list actors and actresses thought - "This movie is great!" - after reading the script!
  2. Jennifer_L, 2 months ago
    Get a house - Check... Invite people to stay - Check... Produce satanic baby - Check... Ending credits - Check... Win Oscar - Check...

    That is the entire film.

    You would think that this film was good, but it is clear the automated BOT reviews saying this is a good film truly are lying. Plot is a clear copy of Rosemary's Baby even though Darren claims to have written, directed, and such. It is just a copy with different actors all crammed into a house waiting for the terrible actress Jennifer to try and act like she is shocked with every new person arriving. Oh look another person, welcome. A Bed & Breakfast Airbnb has more excitement then her acting skills.
  3. Chiller7, 1 month ago
    This is a movie that deliberately breaks all the accepted rules on what theatrical release movies should be. It's a movie that made me ask "What's going on? Why is this happening?" the entire time. If most movies are like this one, I'd probably hate going to the cinema. But because it's so weird and there's nothing else like it, that's why it's interesting.

    I walked in knowing nothing except what I saw in the trailer. I figured it was just gonna be Jennifer Lawrence's character going crazy, but that's not what it was about at all. If you knew before you went in what this movie is supposed to be about and what it all means, you'd probably have a very different experience. Your experience watching it wouldn't be as nonsensical. But I'm glad I watched it knowing nothing beforehand.

    The whole thing is allegorical and everything in the movie is a metaphor. But I'll admit, I didn't realize what any of it meant while watching it. I had to look up the meaning afterwards and then it all came together, what the movie's story is alluding towards the whole time. Oooohh, of course, now I get it.
  4. mpnr-87736, 1 month ago
    Ignore the critics and just watch and judge this movie by your own thought. So, put aside the fact that it's a very raw movie, that uses Bible references to tell a story, forget about that for a moment, and just appreciate the fact that it shows exactly the truth about human kind. Stop comparing it with 'Rosemary's baby'. because it's nothing like it. Aronofsky took a big chance, knowing lots of people would hate the movie, people should shut up for a moment and try to appreciate and understand the fact that it's an amazing movie, with amazing actors, and production.