6.2 IMDb
25 January 2017 Release
Genres:Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Countries:Canada, USA
12 Votes

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After losing his brother Dash Bloom in a car accident, the modelist Sam Bloom unsuccessfully tries to move his life on. Sam misses Dash's last words to him. One day, he watches the lecture of the psychologist Gordon Dunn, who has developed the prototype of a machine that records, erases and plays the memories of his subjects. Sam becomes obsessed with the scientist and stalks him at his hotel. However Gordon is murdered in his room and Sam has many suspects. He meets Gordon ex-wife Carolyn Dunn and uses the device to help him to investigate each suspect. Will Sam find the truth and who killed Gordon?

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Movie Comments

  1. stephenw-30180, 3 weeks ago
    Let me first start out by saying I believe Peter Dinklage is one of the most underrated American actors of our day. I believe that will change as time passes. He is as strong n stage as he is in film. His performance in Rememory is not different.

    As I typically do in my reviews, I avoid telling the story of a films narrative or plot. I try to stick to my opinion and what I feel is good or bad about a film on its merits or shortcomings.

    Rememory is a unique journey about the concept of capturing memories, good and bad, all the way back to early childhood, and being able to view them in real time on a machine built by a brilliant Psychologist.

    This concept may be very "out there" for people to believe but the film tells the story I. A very believable way. It's not hokey in any manner and the story moves at an interesting pace. I felt it started a bit slow but picks up rather quickly about 20 minutes in and is a good ride from that point on.

    Acting is terrific and special effects and concept were far above average. The sub-ploy intertwined well with the main story and gives a feel of unease which is a big reason the film works IMO.

    Again, Dinklage carries the film on his shoulders and delivers another fine performance as the protagonist on a journey seeking the truth, at his own peril, against a big corporation nipping on his heels once he starts making inquiries into the death of the designer and builder of the "machine".

    No spoilers here....I am not a big fan of Sci-Fi but have to say this film felt more like a Thriller and is in fact, and is done very well for a concept that seems highly unlikely despite the advances in modern technology.

    Any fan of unique thrillers lead by great acting and original screenplay with an added terrific soundtrack, this is time well spent.
  2. EatMyWords, 3 weeks ago
    When not attempting at depth with its ramblings on memories--They shape our entire lives! We repress our memories over time! We escape the grief they bring and the true meaning they hold!--"Rememory" sports a decent mystery plot supervised by a quality actor desperately trying to maintain the interest of an already repressing audience. Marketed as a sci-fi-movie, fans of the genre will rightfully mock the film for using its sci-fi-apparatus (the memory-recorder) simply to highlight its themes with the gentleness of a sledge hammer to the forehead.

    The film is interesting in one regard though: Contemporary society is deep into the idea of recording events, essentially creating visual and auditory memories for the future. People go to concerts and snaps away at it with their cameras rather than looking at it with their own eyes, accident scenes are rife with bystanders whipping out their phones to capture moments of shock, sorrow, carnage etc and even criminals stop themselves in their track to document their unlawful conduct. Dealing with similar themes by introducing a device recording perfect, actual memories is therefore an interesting concept. The problem is that this particular offering and its creators are obviously not the ones to tackle them. Its conventional investigation-plot, slogging pacing and sensationalist script makes it hard to engage with the thematic material.

    That said, the aforementioned mystery that quality actor Peter Dinklage lords over is passable as entertainment. The plot revolves around dead psychologist Gordon Dunn (Martin Donovan). He is the creator of "the Machine." Sam Bloom (Dinklage) is an acquaintance of him from the past and someone who nurses some dark memories. Bloom takes it upon himself to solve this murder that happened during mysterious circumstance. With the help of the machine (acquired in contrived fashion) he proceeds to sample through recorded memories from test subjects, looking for clues as to who could've had a hand in the murder. Besides the subjects there's also Dunn's company, desperately wanting the machine returned so they can release it on the market (how they lost their incredibly valuable product and their ineptness at getting it back grates). So who did it? From here its a familiar stew of red herrings (some good ones, others not so much), final act explanations (some helpful, others completely needless) and a web of narrative possibilities (nicely visualized by scale models built by Bloom to assist him in his investigation).

    In terms of style there is not much to be impressed about either. Shot in traditionally saturnine thriller/mystery-fashion with the occasionally injected pretty imagery of "important" memories. Mood- wise it's not much better: Hallucinations appear before our main character but rather than alarming us they annoy and the horrid score by Gregory Tripi is of no assistance. When entering the memories there also seems to be a contradiction: Entering memories sometimes gives the appearance of watching it from the audience perspective (you see subjects as well as the watcher interacting with an environment) while at other times providing the first-person perspective of the watcher. Perhaps a stylistic choice by the director bearing significance at the moment evading me, but maybe just as likely plain old sloppiness or indifference.

    ----All in all, not terrible but certainly stupid, pretentious and slow. Watch it for Bloom's investigation and the excellent acting from Dinklage, especially the scenes with actress Julia Ormond (Dunn's widowed wife Carolyn) whom play off of each other well despite the forced screenplay----
  3. tomvs-31391, 3 weeks ago
    I went into this thinking I would get at least an average sci-fi film. Boy, was I wrong. I ended up feeling that this was a low-budget made-for-TV drama.

    This is definitely a murder mystery drama. The one sci-fi bit included (the memory machine) is poorly executed and only serves as device for gathering evidence. From a sci-fi fan standpoint, it's not believable.

    All acting, especially the main actor is good. Though it was a little odd that no one in the movie mentioned his size (he's a little person). That was just one bit of the movie that made it seem more like a movie and less like reality.

    As for the rest of it, it made absolutely no sense. Character motivations were silly. They appeared to act in a certain way to throw you off on figuring out the identity of the killer, but the way they acted made no sense in hindsight.

    The characters in this film frequently don't do things in accordance with how most intelligent people would do things. I was frequently asking myself "Why did he do that?" , "Why didn't he do that an hour ago?" , and "why didn't character X just tell the truth since he/she wasn't guilty?!?!" And the big plot twist at the end of the movie was done poorly. I knew what would happen about 30 minutes before it happened (because of a poorly-place spoiler/piece of evidence), and the reasoning behind it was very poorly explained. If we had only a few more bits of better-placed background information about that ending revelation, it would have been at least an average movie for me.

    But as it stands, it's bad. If you absolutely need a murder mystery and aren't too critical of them, or you really like the actors in this one, maybe give it a try. Sci-fi fans looking for an intelligent story: stay clear.
  4. floyd beck, 3 weeks ago
    It could have been a great 60 minutes or less movie. The actors are very good. The memories throughout the movie are broad enough to touch nearly every viewer. Personally, I was touched by the memory of the dog at the vet. The problem is that, like a soap opera, there is way too much dialog. Some scenes feel like you are watching an ad for respiratory medication. The side affects are boredom and a desire to go to the rest room. The other problem is the political push. One character paints the hunting of small, wild creatures as very bad. Then, the same character is painted as doing good when he pollutes a river or bay area. Also, the viewer is indoctrinated more than once with the theme of the movie that, "We are nothing more than the memories we keep." Personally, I am tons more than my memories. So, who is right? Apart from the soapy feel, the hypocrisy, and the moral ineptitude, this movie is really very good in presenting a Sherlock Holmes type of inquiry, and some surprises. It certainly is not a waste of time.
  5. redanimalwar, 3 weeks ago
    The overall bad reviews (in the press, rotten tomatoes lists this as totally rotten with almost every critic trashing it) really surprised me on this one.

    I have this feeling that people expected this movie to me some science fiction action or something with a super twisted story ...

    The science fiction in this movie is "just" the base of the story, everything else plays out like a Drama/Thriller/Mystery. And for me it really delivered that. Especially the conclusion about the accident was something I did not expect at all. Although the part that the machine should never go into production was very predictable from early on and that memories should probably kept as they are. The ending kind of expects the audience to assume this is what happened after, at least this is how I saw it. I expected that Lawton would be confronted, some great reveal of the truth to the public ... but it was OK without that.

    Its a really sad movie and I have read reviews complaining about that. I mean what do you expect when the first listed genre says Drama.

    I get there was potential for something else with that machine story, but it was not needed for a good movie in my opinion. In the end we see Gordon delete a memory and do also do some settings on the machine never seen before. It was always just about recording and playing basically. Based on that it could be a entire different movie, memory alternation, deletion. Making people think memories of others were their own forgotten ones ... its probably thought like this that made critics not like this movie.