The Marine 5: Battleground

5.3 IMDb
24 April 2017 Release
Genres:Action, Crime, Thriller
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While working as an EMT back stateside Jake Carter after responding to a distress call, finds himself caught up protecting a person of interest from a biker gang ruthlessly hunting them down.

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Movie Comments

  1. DHammarberg, 3 weeks ago
    OK, so I've enjoyed the earlier films in the Marine series somewhat and thought this one would be like them as well. But after having watched it, I'm so disturbed by the stupidity of the protagonist. I mean, he's this marine-turned-medic who you expect of course to go out of his way to save lives. So even though I would personally disagree with attempting to save the life of a gangbanger who's killed another man just before he needed assistance (after members of the other gang went after him), you would understand if he did it when doing so didn't risk anyone else's life. But he and his female colleague walk into this dark theme park without notifying anyone first that they're heading out on foot - and when he's located the gangbanger and the guy has even fired his gun at him, he makes it his personal mission to get the guy out of there, even though the other gang shows up. And in the process, several other people end up dead, including his female colleague - in spite of his job only being to save lives. The other gang attempts to negotiate with him and have him turn over the gangbanger, which would have been the proper thing to do - but this crazy guy doesn't budge.

    After his colleague has died, he doesn't appear to question whether what he's doing is right - instead he in practice joins the other gang, since he decides to kill as many members of the Lost Legion as possible. The guy wants to save the gangbanger at first, but then decides to kill potentially innocent people? Why is he this homicidal maniac? The action is a bit peculiar too - it struck me as funny how many of the fighting scenes appeared to mimic pro-wrestling moves, like clotheslines, sending people into the ropes (or car doors) and such. They're using attacks that don't make much sense in the real world, like F5s for example.

    They messed up the medical knowledge, too. At one point, the marine gets the crazy idea that he's going to transfuse blood to the gangbanger since he's about to pass out. At that point I'm thinking that that would be quite hazardous, since he doesn't know the guy's blood type. But then he clears up the confusion - sort of - by saying: "It's combat transfusion. I'm O positive. It's safe." Only thing is - the only time it's 100% safe to give blood is when you're O negative. Any negative blood type (AB-, A-, B- or O-) would suffer serious complications if given O+ blood.

    Can't believe they refer to a gangbanger well into adulthood as "the kid" too. Not to mention the part where he explains to - and convinces - the medic that he was "forced" to do what he did.

    Overall, the acting and action is OK and doesn't merit a 1-star - except for maybe "Alonzo" not really striking you as the "bad ass" the film intends him to be - but I felt the lead character's personality make-up and the story apparently depending on sympathizing with him and the gangbanger means it's a revolting experience watching it. Throughout it all, I was hoping that the guy ("the kid") would get killed, so no more lives would be endangered - but sadly no.

    Final note: In the end, it is revealed that the gangbanger isn't a gangbanger at all, but this doesn't change the fact that the medic caused so many unnecessary deaths through siding with a convict that had done serious time and killed another man to get out of his own mess. A really stupid move. 10-20 people dead as a result, when it could have been only one. I think the law books should have been searched for things to charge the medic with. Involuntary manslaughter, perhaps.
  2. Michael Ledo, 3 weeks ago
    Jake Carter (Mike Mizanin ) is back as an EMT. If you have missed the first four films we get a summary from his partner (Anna Van Hooft) : Two tours Afghanistan, Bronze Star, private security company. Now you are caught up. A couple of guys do a "hit" on the leader of the Lost Legion biker gang. We know these guys are tough because they wear black leather jackets with a skull on the back. They get bullet sprayed and pull into a parking garage of an off-season amusement park and call for help from a location where we find out later that cell phones don't work. Just saying. The biker gang follows, and we end up with a" P-2" hide-n-seek game for about an hour before they play cat and mouse outside.

    It was less than what I expected. I expected a quick parking garage scene, Miz, left for dead, then have him arm up with swagger music and go "Death Wish" all over the gang, solving the US heroin problem. Apparently they paid too much for the use of the park and had to film the entire movie there, one long fight scene. They had scenes that looked like they belonged in the ring, including the unreasonably long pauses between some moves. The production included an ax and blood splatter. Miz essentially has to kill other WWE guys dressed up as bikers. I was very disappointed in the script.

    Guide: No sex or nudity. No swearing as I recall, although rated "R" for language.
  3. phanthinga, 3 weeks ago
    After watching so many blockbuster CGI action movie i'm feel a little tired and want to watch something totally dumb fun straight out of the old action movie day from the 80s and 90s then The Marine 5 Battleground is the perfect choice for me and anyone had the same idea.Directed by James Nunn who previously work with Scott Adkins in Eliminators had deliver a very fun trashy action movie with Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin as an ex super bad ass marine turned medic support get caught in a bloody situation involving a violent biker gang.The plot is genetic, the performance is laughable and stupid moment keep happen during the movie with extremely annoying character but if you can shut down your brain for a minute and let your inner little kid come out this movie will entertain you from start to finish.The shoot out is fun,the hand to hand combat is well choreographed with some genuine intense and suspense moment create by the isolation environment that surprise the hell out of me with this kind of movie
  4. frompagescreen, 3 weeks ago
    Don't be put off by the '5' in the title. Whilst I am aware of The Marine series of films, this fifth installment is actually the first of the franchise films that I have seen, and whilst Jake Carter (played by Michael "The Miz" Mizanin ) also appears in parts 3 and 4, there is no need to have seen those films in order to get full enjoyment out of this crazy action packed film that could so easily be described as Sons of Anarchy meets The Warriors, with a dashing or five of the Die Hard films, all stirred up and given the slick work over that James Nunn brings to his films of late. I was a huge fan of his previous film Eliminators (starring Scott Adkins) and hoped that this film would be just as much enjoyment as that film, and I wasn't let down. The film is non stop entertainment from start to end.

    Even with the fact that most of the film is set in an underground car park not, this doesn't lessen the films enjoyment with some OTT villains, more bullets than a Rambo film (well maybe more more bullets than the 4th Rambo film, but thats a hard one to beat) , some great motorbike action, and some great fight sequences that you will expect from a WWE film. Also on the 'it needs to happen if its a WWE studios film' are some great supporting roles for other wrestling talents, such as Trinity Fatu, Maryse Mizanin,Heath Miller, Joe Hennig, and Taylor Rottunda all chewing the scenery with one thing in mind. Giving the audience the best show possible, and they do that wonderfully.

    I've seen some so called reviews that comment about some of aspects of The Marine 5:Battleground being far fetched but that's what I want from a film like this. I want fun, I want snappy dialogue that wouldn't be a stranger in an 80s Schwarzenegger film, I want kick ass women, bullet casings to fly all over the place,great fight scenes, and in the end I want to to be entertained. and Mr James Nunn has done it again with The Marine 5:Battleground. Now can someone please greenlight a new installment of The Purge franchise or a new Fast and Furious entry and let James Nunn work his magic.