The Marine 3: Homefront

4.9 IMDb
5 March 2013 Release
Genres:Action, Thriller
18 Votes

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A Marine must do whatever it takes to save his kidnapped sister and stop a terrorist attack masterminded by a radical militia group.

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Movie Comments

  1. Wizard-8, 3 weeks ago
    It didn't take me long into watching "The Marine: Homefront" when I said, "I've seen this before." In fact, I repeated that phrase in my head A LOT during the entire ninety minutes this movie took. Clearly the story and various plot elements aren't very original. And there are plenty of plot stupidities, like the fact the bad guys often can't hear gunfire taking place just a short distance away, or that their number are being slowly eliminated. Actually, the unoriginality and the stupidity of the script didn't concern me that much - I can take such stuff in a movie like this as long as there is good and plentiful action. But this movie doesn't have any of that. In the first half of the movie, there is perhaps a minute's worth of action in total! While the second half of the movie has a lot more action, it isn't that well done. It's generic shooting and punch-ups, filmed without any skill to make it rise above routine. There's nothing much of interest in this movie, and the best praise I can give it is that it was shot in the Canadian province I live in (British Columbia) and gave some work to my fellow citizens in front of and behind the camera.
  2. Rosi St, 3 weeks ago
    After watching the movie I'm actually very surprised at how much I liked it. In some scenes it's quite obvious that it's a low-budget-production with a simple script but that does not make it a bad movie at all. The actors were very solid and IMO Mike "Miz" Mizanin did a heck of a job in his acting debut. As shown in the extras, he clearly did his homework preparing for his part as a combat-proved Marine. But not the action-scenes really caught my attention but his actual acting-skills e.g. when arguing with his family where he showed genuine, credible emotion. The action-scenes were cool but I would have liked a couple more of them. :) So go on, buy the movie but do not expect it to be Oscar-worthy or something ... just enjoy!
  3. ntlj-1, 3 weeks ago
    It wasted me 1.5 hours in my My wife said so too. I watched this one because the previous two ones were good. Unfortunately this one is really sucks. I'm not saying the actor was bad but the story is terrible. I could saw the end when I watched it for 20 minutes. Basically it's a no brain movie. Jeez I don't know why I'm still wasting more time for writing this comment. Maybe just because I feel sorry for the one. I guess there will be no v4.0. event die hard had 4.0 and not too bad. I think I got to review the DVDs of the previous two ones. I think the requirement as the minimum length for reviews must be at least 10 lines of text is unreasonable because the only thing I wanted to say about this movie is, sucks.