5.4 IMDb
29 September 2014 Release
$ 6 500 000 Budget
99 min Duration
Genres:Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Director:John R. Leonetti
Writer:Gary Dauberman
9 Votes

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In Santa Monica, California, Mia and John Gordon are happily married and Mia is pregnant. John is concluding the medical school and does not have much time to give attention to his beloved wife, so he buys an ancient and rare doll named Annabelle for her collection. But soon their next door neighbors are attacked by two members of a satanic cult that break in their house and attack them after killing the neighbors. Mia and John are saved by the police officers and Mia needs to rest until the delivery. But there is a fire in their house and Mia early delivers a baby girl, Leah. The family moves to an apartment in Pasadena but first Mia throws the doll Annabelle away in the garbage. However she finds the doll in a box while unpacking things in her new home. Weird things happen to Mia and she befriends Evelyn, who works in a bookstore, and she learns about an evil cult that wants Leah's soul. When John and Mia summons Father Perez to help them with Annabelle, evil is stronger than the priest and he is sent injured to the hospital. Who may save Leah's soul now?

Movie Comments

  1. Syo Kennex, 1 month ago
    Released back in 2014, Annabelle is a movie that got a lot of attention in the horror genre. Based off the story of the original Annabelle doll, locked away in a museum for the occult, director John R. Leonetti brings to life one of the most iconic haunted doll stories known in history.

    I am utterly terrified of dolls, and I think that might have been why I found this film as scary as I did. I was surprise to find it had quite a low rating on IMDb, especially with the sequel just coming out before I watched the film. I fully believe this deserves a slightly higher rating than what it got.

    First of all, Annabelle Wallis was an absolutely amazing actress and stole the show completely. She did a spectacular job and she was easy to relate to; it was easy to feel the fear she was going through throughout the film – especially the basement scene. Following Annabelle, I am more than eager to go through her filmography and find more of her acting skills. She was just wonderfully talented.

    Unfortunately, this film does rely on a lot of old tricks of the paranormal genre. The seeing things, the writing on the wall, the demon chase up the stairs, and although terrifying, I would have loved to see more from this that wasn't the same as everything else in the genre. I feel like the directors and script writers could have done a lot more development with this. I am aware they were following the original real life story of Annabelle, but they could have enhanced it, made it a little more scary and not just another trope.

    There were cons and pros about this, and unfortunately, there were quite a few more cons than there were pros. However, this was still quite a good horror film, for the current age, and I'd definitely recommend this to those who enjoy being spooked.
  2. vishnu-dileep08, 2 weeks ago
    This movie is the prequel to the conjuring. The story of the doll how did it become the famous Annabelle we all know now.

    It started good those scary scenes were hitting the right notes then I felt they tried to make it extremely scary but turned out to be funny. There were some scenes which made me realize that this movie is being rushed just to make up something for the viewers. This movie made the conjuring doll a joke. I felt the leading actress did a really bad job as she literally had no fear on her face. The ending was so dumb they tried to make it unpredictable but utter rubbish. If you have watched the trailer of this movie then u have watched the whole movie cause those are the scary elements you have to see in the whole movie. They did a pretty good job in making a really good trailer and forcing us into the theaters to send us back home disappointed.

    No I would not recommend this movie to anyone.

    Notable Acting


    My Rating 5/10
  3. spam-778-616598, 2 weeks ago
    This movie goes in line with such horror classics as Barbaras Baby, the Exorcist, The Omen etc. It takes the time it needs to fully develop characters, to make you feel for them (if that is in your capability) and fear for their sake. It's classic, sometimes subtle horror, with really well placed jump scares (and I've watched a lot of horror movies). It's definitely not a splatter nor a thriller nor a teeny-screamy, so don't expect one. This is a movie of a young family that is haunted by evil. The characters a believable, good-hearted and intelligent, and a hard crack for the evil forces that haunt them. It's ending doesn't come as such a surprise - thus only 9 stars - but it will keep watchers on the edges of their seats anyway. I'd recommend it for mature viewers, that love classic horror.