El Camino Christmas

5.6 IMDb
8 December 2017 Release
12 Votes

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The project, scripted by Melfi and writer Chris Wehner, is about a young man (Grimes) who seeks out a father he has never met and, through no fault of his own, ends up barricaded in a liquor store with five other people on Christmas Eve. The story takes place in the fictitious town of El Camino, NV.

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Movie Comments

  1. Chum griffin, 4 weeks ago
    I was expecting this movie to be a comedy and I think the movie did try a joke that worked about the halfway mark. Then it drifted into drama of a sort mixed with action of a sort. A really woeful sort it turns out. This movie script would not be greenlit by anyone with an ounce of insight and foresight . It is very apparent that product placement paid for this movie. Shame on you ben and jerrys. This film did affect me emotionally on one level, I actually felt sorry for Tim Allen, so that's the only plus really. Finally, The Christmas in the title is probably in the title because the film is released around Christmas and the film makers want you to think,, Oh,, a Christmas film! Nothing to cheer you up here at all. Avoid watching and clean your toilets instead,, more pleasure to be had I reckon.
  2. GrumpsterFire, 4 weeks ago

    First warning: If this were a rated film, it would be "R", not only for the multiple F-bombs, but the subject matter and plot.

    Second warning: This ain't Hallmark. There are some funny moments, but overall, this is pretty dark. It's not a typical "Christmas" movie. In fact, there isn't a super strong connection to Christmas.

    That said, I enjoyed it a lot. Tim Allen is definitely playing against type. I believe it's hard to play "stupid" convincingly, but Dax Shepard pulls it off. Michelle Mylett looks very familiar, but upon checking IMDb, it's doubtful I've seen her before. I predict we'll see a lot more of her. The rest of the star-studded cast turn in an excellent ensemble performance.

    It's a bit predictable in parts, but still a very enjoyable movie. And in the end, you really are in the Christmas spirit.
  3. adr1zzle, 4 weeks ago
    I don't usually write reviews but this movie sucked . I watched it because Netflix has a decent track record, the plot seemed decent and I like the cast. I haven't seen Tim Allen in a movie since I was a kid, now I know why.

    The acting from everyone is terrible. No one adds anything to the movie. The script was terrible. Boring, pointless and often didn't even make sense.

    Everything about this movie is painfully bad. Within 10 minutes the whole thing falls apart. Even when it tried to be funny it was terrible. Tim Allen singing was painful even though he was drunk and it was supposed to be bad, it was just bad acting. Nothing about this plot made sense.

    This movie just was bad.

    Honestly the only good thing about this movie was hearing Tim Allen say "Fuck". I know him from Home Improvement, Toy Story, Santa Claus... so never really heard that before.

    Watch it for yourself if you want and make your own opinion. But I wouldn't plan a movie night around this or anything because you will feel like you wasted an hour and a half.