The Little Vampire

5.3 IMDb
1 October 2017 Release
$ 10 000 000 Budget
Genres:Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Countries:Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, UK
11 Votes

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Rudolph has problems. Not only is he thirteen years old and a vampire, but his whole family is threatened with extinction by the cruel vampire hunter Rookery. Rudolph fortunately encounters twelve year old Tony, a human. Rudolph brings Tony along on his adventure, which takes the two boys to Transylvania, and brings their two families together, helping them overcome their prejudices against each other. Along the way, they face numerous dangers, and both vampires and humans must show courage and ingenuity. United, they manage to vanquish the evil vampire hunters and free their relatives at last.

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Movie Comments

  1. Alexandr Orlov, 1 month ago
    If the cartoon touches on a serious topic (like "lets go to fry these vampires"), then it's not just a children's cartoon, with farewell nonsense or flat humor (in the adult's understanding), but in this cartoon the level of humor and the behavior of the characters leaves much to be desired. And honestly, I believe that showing children "stupid adults" or "stupid villains" is wrong: Don't teach children a low-level understanding about people, they CAN understand a lot of things, just give them a chance. Such cartoons don't do that.
  2. nygirlyankeesever, 1 month ago
    I grew up watching the live action 2000 film and this one is very charming in its own way. The is a German animation(not Hollywood as some may say)that has been dubbed beautifully! The animation is done very well, smooth and in my opinion better than some modern bigger budget animations. Story is cute and gets you in the Halloween mood. Nice giggles here and there, nice throw backs to the original ,voice acting spot on, overall great kids(make sure your kid knows whats fantasy or at least watch it first and or with them.) film is over great and simple. Can't wait to put it on my Halloween line up next year!


    Some people can't enjoy a simple story. The "authority" that the main protagonist are "fighting" are vampire hunters who are trying to kill the whole vampire protagonist's clan. Through out the film it also states that they haven't drank the human's red stuff in a long time, so they probably drink a blood substitute like a modern vegan vampire(tho they did drink cows blood, but it added a cute touch for vampire cow in the story). If you don't like cute Halloween/vampire movies that show teamwork, acceptance of others and their flaws, simple kid story plots or good animation...then stick to veggie tales.
  3. Brent Burkwell, 1 month ago
    I am pretty sure if you think about this movies theme, you would probably come to the same conclusion, the writers root for criminals and despise authority. First of all, Vampires survive how? Feeding off of others, right? Usually it doesn't end well for the victim/dinner, right? So I think we can immediately dispense with PC nonsense and clearly state our hero is a blood sucking type of personality, only in this case, it is literal. So how am I supposed to sympathize with the hero when I know that if he wins the day, I lose? Answer, not possible. Silly premise, yes, I know, it's only animation. Still, Holly-weird types are constantly trying to influence people, especially the young. I wouldn't bother, I gave it 3 instead of 1 just to be generous.