Kong: Skull Island

6.7 IMDb
28 February 2017 Release
$ 185 000 000 Budget
118 min Duration
Genres:Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Countries:China, Australia, Canada, USA
Director:Jordan Vogt-Roberts
Writers:Dan Gilroy, Max Borenstein
11 Votes

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Encircled by a gigantic, perpetual and mighty storm system, lies hidden a small uncharted island in the South Pacific, that for many years, somehow, managed to defy discovery, remaining concealed from the outside world. Inevitably, as a topic of legend for many civilisations, the unobtrusive Skull Island not only is notorious for the great number of planes and ships that have gone missing there, but also for the uniquely complex and self-contained ecosystem, where according to mere speculations, time stands still merging effortlessly science with myth. So, without further delay and with the intention to make ground-breaking discoveries, however, utterly clueless of what would find there, an exploration and research team led by scientist Bill Randa and accompanied by Colonel Packard's squad, will boldly go where no man has ever gone before, completely cut-off from civilisation. Soon enough, as strange, reason-defying encounters with magnificent, yet unclassified species baffle the esteemed scientists, one thing will become quite clear: apparently, we humans, never owned this blue planet.

Movie Comments

  1. Gafri Seckinler (seckinlergafri@gmail.co, 1 month ago
    Kong: Skull Island is an epic monster adventure movie from the United States directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, premiered on March 10 (2017) tells the story of a group expedition to a mysterious island named Skull Island, as they were there a gigantic gorilla greeted them, the place is also inhabited by a variety of giant and creepy giant creatures .. Can the expedition team get out of the island ??? .... Review: this movie is very exciting, thrilling, acting is fascinating, action bout Kong at the end of the film is really epic, plus the CGI effect is smooth and neat!
  2. Icarus Alexander, 4 weeks ago
    For the most part a fun popcorn movie. John C Reilly's character was cool but Samuel Jackson's was dark and disturbing. Not sure what motivated him to kill Kong. Margo Robbie would have made a better girlfriend for Kong. I was rooting for Kong to kill all the dumb humans. Why is it we shoot first and ask questions later?

    Samuel Jackson's story of Icarus was not exactly true. Icarus' father warns him first of complacency and then of hubris, asking that he fly neither too low nor too high. Looks like mans hubris cost them many lives.