Rough Night

5.2 IMDb
15 June 2017 Release
$ 20 000 000 Budget
8 Votes

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After ten long years, grown-up best friends since college, Jess, Alice, Frankie and Blair reunite, as Jess who is running for state senator, is about to walk the aisle with her fiancé, Peter. Without delay and with the help of Jess' BFF, Alice, everything is ready for a fabulous once-in-a-lifetime bachelorette weekend in sun-drenched Miami to relive those glorious college days of the past, starting off from the city's trendy nightclubs along with a new free-spirited Aussie friend, Pippa. Under those circumstances and as the night is still young, the girls will order a male stripper from Craigslist for the soon-to-be bride, unfortunately, however, in the heat of the moment, they will accidentally kill him. Now, things are bound to take a turn for the worse, nevertheless, there is no case, if there is no body.

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Movie Comments

  1. xtreme2252, 2 months ago
    I had a Rough Night seeing this film (Ba-dum, tsh!).

    It's a comedy but all of the jokes and gags I remember from it are ones that are well past their due date. Toilet humor, creepy swinger couple, STD jokes, bad fake accents, and the dumb selfish best friend that ruins the main character's life and acts like a hypocrite just to name a few. There's also much pop culture riddled throughout the film which will likely already date this film within the next couple years or so, such as when the film tries to make a jab at president Donald Trump by having a fictional political candidate who gets praise for posting dick pics to Twitter.

    Scarlet Johansen is the highlight of this film, which is faint praise considering what I think of her performances in Ghost in the Shell, Lucy, and Sing, and the character's friends are almost entirely intolerable and if this were reality she would be best off without them, but of course this movie has to be about how friends are the most important thing in the world even when they're self-centered alcoholics who literally get off with manslaughter. It's a minimum-effort dark comedy which fails to do both at the same time, which is quite important to do as the two tones literally clash with each other and the movie has to backpedal to try to remind you it's a comedy.

    YouTube comedy musician Bo Burnham also makes a minor appearance in this film, and he ends up being both more funny and charismatic than the actual male lead in the film despite his limited acting experience.

    There is very little in terms of plot in this film. It's Weekend at Bernie's with women instead of men. The movie ends with the cliché sort of happily ever after type ending, confirming the characters are all terrible people and having them gloat in being rewarded for it.

    This feels like a product made by machines and algorithms rather than actual human beings, and just perpetuates the stereotype that women are unfunny.
  2. fixxation1, 2 months ago
    Scarlett must have been doing cocaine for real if she thought this was gonna be a sweet funny movie.

    Wrong!!! what a piece of stupid crap.

    I only laughed at how f"ing stooooopid this was.

    This movie needs another honest review of crappity crap. Really? over a 5 rating on avg? This is not even worth watching after about the 5th minute.
  3. ReganRebecca, 1 month ago
    I love TV show Broad City and was looking forward to this because two of the creatives behind that show paired up to give us Rough Night. The generic title (a switch from Move that Body which was much more suitable) should have warned me. Rough Night is forgettable and not really that funny.

    The movie starts out in 2006 where a group of 4 friends get drunk at Halloween, win a beer pong competition and vow to stay friends forever. Fast forward 10 years and the group is reuniting for Jess's (Scarlett Johansson, bland, bland, bland, comedy is NOT her forte) bachelorette weekend at a fancy house in Miami. They party, snort coke, are joined with Jess's Australian friend Pippa (Kate McKinnon in a role that MUST have been written for Rebel Wilson. Surely?). Her friends decide to get Jess a stripper and here is when things go wrong: high on coke they accidentally end up killing the stripper and things quickly spiral out of control as they first try to do the responsible thing of calling the police and then move on to hiding the body.

    There was minor protests before the film being released about the movie making a punchline of killing sex workers but the film could have overcome this and he gruesome premise if not for a few things. First of all the women lack friendship chemistry. I don't believe any of these women were ever friends even if a big part of it is that they are supposed to have drifted apart. Second the casting is all awful. Scarlett is not a comedy actress and neither is Zoe Kravitz and it shows. Without being backed up by her hilariously crafted Broad City alter ego Ilana Glazer comes across as simply annoying. Kate McKinnon and Jillian Bell are probably the best with their characters but neither one is given much to do. McKinnon just leans hard into her accent and Bell is saddled with a "loser desperate friend who can't take a hint". The third thing is that the movie never quite finds it's tone. It struggles between "woke" dialogue for characters who are actually just mean and instead of simply leaning into the fact that these women are awful and allowing them to get even more absurdly awful it's way too protective of the characters and keeps trying to redeem them by making them "nice" people. It's both incredibly boring and keeps the movie from really flying.

    Still, Rough Night isn't a total write off. There are enough funny lines and a subplot (involving Jess's fiancé who the movie allows to get into REALLY ridiculous shenanigans) to be watchable. Just wish that the script would have let the ladies turn loose too.
  4. tim-anderson-18791, 1 month ago
    This movie was one of the worst I have seen for a while. Bad taste, weak humour, distasteful characters and a waste of my life. I'm just grateful that I was sitting down. I was staggered at the times other movie watchers actually laughed. Not a great deal of intelligence is obviously required to enjoy this load of rubbish.