John Wick: Chapter 2

7.6 IMDb
30 January 2017 Release
$ 40 000 000 Budget
122 min Duration
Genres:Action, Crime, Thriller
Countries:USA, Hong Kong
Director:Chad Stahelski
Writer:Derek Kolstad
17 Votes

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After returning to the criminal underworld to repay a debt, John Wick discovers that a large bounty has been put on his life.

Movie Comments

  1. cinemajesty, 1 month ago
    Movie Review: "John Wick: Chapter 2" (2017)

    The movie "John Wick" (2014) directed by former stunt coordinator Chad Stahelski accompanied by "Atomic Blonde" (2017) Director David Leitch, who had been uncredited for the surprising hit of Fall 2014, yet becomes the new realisiteur for a "Deadpool" sequel, releasing in Summer 2018. Here the departure of David Leitch has not harm the 2nd Chapter of the John Wick story, giving matched faces of a hit-man's forfeited life by actor Keanu Reeves, who relentlessly trained to pitch perfect-blocking beats of exact shot counts and pistol reloading procedures, making this action movie a rarity on this season's action movie overkill list.

    The screen story stays simple enough for everyone to follow with an forced assignment to the character of John Wick by an secret-society-protected character of Santino D'Antonio presented to be the weakest link, under the non-pressure giving performance by Riccardo Scamarcio, in this unless forceful pacing movie from action scene to action scene, from dropping dead bodies to the next, changing scenario from night-time Manhattan, New York to daylight Rome, Italy; yet at times skillful mis-en-scene to production design extravaganza orchestrated by Kevin Kavanaugh, who's sets looking even better with cinematographer Dan Laustsen's lighting schemes of neo-contemporary elegance in which the blocking shootout choreography, even exceeds the ones of Chapter 1; following "John Wick: Chapter 2" into a state of surpassing the original motion picture written under lucky-punches by screenwriter Derek Kolstad not only in taking looks with locations, costume designs and international box office attendance, but also attracting further cast members as actor Lawrence Fishburne, performing as the character Bowery King, further supporting the tightening leash around John Wick's neck with the nemesis character of Winston, pulling all the strings in a world of invisible incentives and again all-too charming, yet hostility-spreading undercurrent performance by actor Ian McShane, sending the character of John Wick into a non-stop two hour prime-time action movie for genre enthusiasts.

    Director Chad Stahelski advances with punch opening scene into professional calamity in "John Wick: Chapter 2" (2017), which under his sole direction finds its place to high-end hardcore entertainment with minor drawbacks in giving the character of Ares, performed by Ruby Rose, just a fighting chance to encounter John Wick instead playing a scene out on seductive beats between the actress and an utmost focused Keanu Reeves, who found another heartbreak to swallow that may lead him to a conclusion with this completely taken character of John Wick in a future nearby in order to finish off what ever comes his way.

    © 2017 Felix Alexander Dausend (Cinemajesty Entertainments LLC)
  2. Eric266, 1 month ago
    I really enjoyed the first John Wick. It was stylish, lots of action, and had an anti-hero you could root for. The character was depressed, heart sick over the loss of his wife, and just not interested in being an assassin any longer. Then thugs mess with him and he goes on a rampage.

    Chapter 2 takes up right from the end of the first movie. He wants his car back. Then he tries to retire again, but fate won't let him. So, again he goes on a killing rampage. Its the same as the first movie, just less plot development and a lot more bad guys to kill repetitively. The main villain was lame and the mute bodyguard was underdeveloped. The inclusion of Laurence Fishbourne was a bit of a stunt, I guess to give a wink to the Matrix movies. His character is pointless and doesn't have much to do.

    Still, Chapter 2, has its moments. The fight scenes are well staged. The car chases were kind of lame, but some of the stunts within those chases were exhilarating. Common as a fellow assassin is a nice counterpoint to Wick. Their scenes crackled with charisma. Hopefully he returns for Chapter 3. Likewise, Iam McShane as the Continental Manager is fun to watch as he directs traffic at his establishment. The fights and stunts, as I said, are fantastic and well choreographed.

    The first movie was long on action, so this one should have dialed it back a bit and set up character development for the last movie in the trilogy. Unfortunately, it was just a lot of people getting shot in the head.

    I still enjoyed the movie and its running time, while a bit long at 125 minutes, didn't feel too long. Hopefully, in Chapter 3 the stunts will be used to enhance the plot rather than cover up for the lack of one.
  3. Carlos André (, 3 weeks ago
    Let's say the bunch of good things first, and after I tell some little issues that I have with the movie.

    The soundtrack is GREAT! Really, I mean, John's theme song is one of the most bad-ass track's I ever see. Right on the beginning of the movie there is a wonderful scene, with bad-ass fight's, and all that stuffs that we want in a action movie, and the track plays a big role on that.

    I said that for the first one, I said that for Matrix, and I will keep saying that for every action movie that Keanu Reeves do it: HE IS A GENIUS!

    OMG, really, the guy simple destroys in every action scene of the movie, and is so satisfying to see a good action scene, that is film in the right way, without a billion of cuts! It's really so good to see. Well, besides that, I really think that the first movie had more memorable scenes (like that one on the club), there isn't one specific scene of this one that people will talk forever or something like that. Buut, even though, there are a lot great scenes, with great "OMG! WTF!?" moments, like when he KILLS A GUY WITH A PENCIL! Or shoot in other guy's balls! The action scenes are undoubtedly the best thing of this franchise.

    I really don't have much to say about the actors, on the dialogues part, they are, in the majority, fine. Keany Reeves, as we already know, is the best bad actor out there, so, he's fantastic once again. The main villain, I mean, is "fine" too, i don't know, the guy didn't convince myself. The only one that I really thought was great is Ian McShane (he's by far the best actor in the main cast, so that isn't a surprise I think).

    There are some silly things about the movie that I think that some people might find it annoyed. Like, HOW IN THE HELL can a guy be a good hit-man if EVERYBODY KNOWS HIM?! Kkkkkkkkk, well, but this doesn't take away the shine of the movie to me at all. In fact, I really thought it was funny for the majority of the time, so I enjoy it a lot (it's like every time that he leaves a place, someone has to say "good hunting, Mr. Wick" or something like that. Literally, EVERY TIME! A M A Z I N G !).

    Now, seriously, it's seen to me that they really get out of the box on this movie, and kind of change the vibe of the franchise (well, this time he is really a fusion of the Batman and the Punisher. Literally, there is a scene that he use's his suit like a Bat-cape, to avoid the shoots. In the first movie, the vibe was kind different, like a underground, and visceral action thriller). But, I think that is fine, will probably be more difficult to build a franchise based of on the first one lonely. I strongly believe that they aren't able to do another one good as the first, but, well, it's OK, isn't? As long as they keep doing good movies (like John Wick 2 is), they will have my money, they doesn't need to do fantastic movies (like "John Wick") for that.

    In short, John Wick: Chapter 2 is a great movie, really entertaining, and another lesson to a lot of directors out there of how to shoot action scenes.

  4. Luigi Di Pilla, 2 weeks ago
    After all the positive reviews here I thought this sequel must be better than chapter one. Far away. The first I liked better because the character of John Wick was filled with much more emotions than in the last one. I mean I missed in the second part more revenge feeling to make me real hot. I saw lot of type of arms and tons of bullets thrown away. The combat scenes were executed therefore with high precision. On the other side I expected a more intelligent and suspense story. I can definitely not recommend it except you are a fan of Keanu Reeves. He played John Wick really cool. All in all I am disappointed. Lucky I rented it for 6$ on Google Play. 5/10. Sorry, I will not see the third wick, sorry. Watch instead Taken, The Equalizer or Rambo.