47 Meters Down

5.7 IMDb
25 May 2017 Release
$ 5 500 000 Budget
Genres:Adventure, Drama, Horror
Countries:UK, USA, Dominican Republic
8 Votes

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Originally planning to spend a carefree and restful vacation in thrilling Mexico with her boyfriend, instead, Lisa invites her adventurous younger sister Kate for the time of their lives. Soon, the two sisters will meet a couple of friendly locals, who in the spur of the moment, will convince the girls to join them on a shark-diving excursion where they could get a close-up look of the magnificent 25-foot great white sharks in the safety of an enclosed cage. Hesitantly, cautious Lisa will agree, however, things will take a turn for the worse, when after a while, a mechanical failure will plummet the cage 47 meters down to the ocean's seabed, in shark-infested waters. Now, the only place safe is inside the confined space of the rickety cage, nevertheless, for how long?

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Movie Comments

  1. Andy Farnham, 2 months ago
    I liked this movie. It was fun. There's a few plot holes that divers might notice but it's enjoyable. I was amazed at how it was filmed nearly entirely underwater and the actresses have my admiration. I'd have given it a 9 except for the awful ending. The ending sucked so much. It's such a bad clichéd ending. It could have been better. If you knocked off the last thee minutes it would have been fine.
  2. smsenna, 2 months ago
    So disappointed with this film. It's (1) Boring, the acting is (2) Weak, the story line makes (3) No sense. The attributes of the actors are a complete (4) Farce, (5) Far Fetched and (6) Ridiculous, that even a dullard would find it (7) Idiotic. If you choose to buy this movie as I did on Blu-ray you will (8) Regret it and may one day use it to hang from your rear view mirror like it's 1990 all over again. I could give you the other 39 reasons to not watch this film, but I've reached my magic number of required lines to fully warn you... Gave it 3 Stars for the scenery.
  3. mmhgo, 2 months ago
    he film is wonderful and beautiful and the film is exciting, exciting and terrifying, it is integrated but one thing hurt me hallucinations, the writer adhered to the rules but it was easy to exclude the effect or end quickly and add events as in the film to be integrated was to be great
  4. politehere, 1 month ago
    Wow! I sat down to watch this movie with low expectations. I could tell from the beginning that the acting was going to be great and it really was. The characters are likable and you actually care about them. The music score is exciting. The situation is really tense. I can't remember many movies that have made me react to the movie so noticeably as I was watching it. As a horror movie fan, I've seen hundreds of horror / thriller movies and every shark movie there is to see out there, including the Shallows. I was literally at the edge of my seat throughout and letting out sighs of relief and silent screams. I don't remember having seen plot twists or surprise endings in shark movies before. At least, not like the one in this movie. It was definitely a plus and made the movie enjoyable tenfold. This is on par with the Descent, even more intense than that, because here the characters are racing against time as well with their oxygen running constantly low.There were also jump scares that really worked.

    I give this movie 10/10, because it was perfect. Sorry, I have to say it again. It was Perfect!