The Hangover Part II

6.5 IMDb
19 May 2011 Release
$ 80 000 000 Budget
Genres:Comedy, Mystery
9 Votes

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The dentist, Stu Price, is getting married to Lauren in Thailand and his best friends Doug Billings, Phil Wenneck and Alan Garner travel for the wedding. After the dinner party, Doug, Phil and Alan invite Stu to drink a beer around a bonfire on the beach with Lauren's brother Teddy. Phil brings a pack of beers and marshmallows to the group. On the next morning, Phil, Stu and Alan have a hangover and they do not recall what they did last night; their room is upside down; Teddy is missing; there is a little monkey in the room. Teddy's finger is in a glass of water; Alan's head is shaved; and Stu has a tattoo on his face. The trio tries to track down last night to find what happened and sooner they discover Mr. Chow on the floor under the carpet. They learn that they are in Bangkok and Mr. Chow sniffs cocaine before telling what happened last night. However he dies and Phil, Stu and Alan follow a lead to begin to unravel their crazy night.

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Movie Comments

  1. diac228, 2 months ago
    Select All. Cut. Open New Document. Paste. Thesaurus. Print. I can nearly guarantee you this was the process in writing the sequel to the most successful R-rated comedy of all-time. In one of the craziest and most blatant filmmaking moments of carbon copying an earlier installment I have ever witnessed Hangover II paces, moves, and delivers in the exact same method, style and speed as the original. The musical transitions are the same, some of the set-ups are the same, some of the conflicts and revelations were eerily alike and worst of all, the entire third act felt like the original----and they are thousands of miles from the United States. Every strength in this movie is deterred by the fact that Todd Phillips and company put no effort in trying to change things up a little aside from setting.

    Is the movie still funny? Yes, it is funny and there are indeed some standout moments. But, all the freshness and originality of the first Hangover is definitely not present here, and it hurts more because they could have fixed some of the setbacks of the original. This time Stu (Ed Helms) is getting married in Thailand in order to gain approval from his fiancée's father. During a night of drinking with the "Wolfpack" (Bradley Cooper, Zack Galifianakis, Justin Bartha) and the fiancée's brother, something went wrong, and the crew is many miles away in Bangkok. And of course, one of them is missing. And of course, they don't remember anything. And of course, they are mixed up in multiple situations occurring within the city. The difference between this one and their stint in Vegas is that the stakes are much higher, as the adventure in Thailand is much more grim and dark than in Sin City.

    Hangover part one was hilarious, unique, and had flair of comedic originality. However, it needed a few polishes in order to become a true comedic classic. Zach as Allen is the biggest of the flaws. His characterization in the original was very uneven, too random, and just didn't deliver as much sympathy as the other characters. In the sequel, he is ruder, crueler, and an absolute pain to witness. In the original his actions are mildly justified because of his stupidity. Here however the stupid act gets old extremely fast. It doesn't help that Galifianakis doesn't have the comedic timing that superior funnymen possess. The rest of the cast throughout the movie was great, with Ed Helms and Ken Jeong being the best examples.

    Todd Phillips should have known better, as he is a good director with a nice track record. I am extremely disappointed that instead of taking an approach to trying something new while still offering the same type of R-rated college humor, he chose to stick to the formula far too close. You can copy some of the jokes and get away with it, but to imitate the entire three-act structure of the original Hangover is nothing more than lazy and uninspired filmmaking. He still has a few tricks up his sleeve with a few raunchy and hilarious surprises, but far too much potential was wasted in order for me to forgive him.

    Bottom Line: You will most likely have a good time watching this if you enjoyed the original. That being said, it will feel exactly like the original---except it's in Bangkok and the setting is much darker. They cranked the ante in conflict, but failed to improve anything or change anything from the 2009 comedy smash hit. Playing it safe hindered this movie, as part of Hangover's appeal was its inability to stick to a formula. Hangover II is funny, but lacks the satisfaction, zaniness, and appeal of the original. Hopefully they can spice things up for the third installment (you know it's coming out, stop lying to yourself) otherwise all I have to do is copy this review and paste it to the third chapter. Entire Planet Observed on Daily Basis
  2. lolabeningfield, 1 month ago
    I was really optimistic going into the theatre, I didn't expect it to as great as the original, but I thought it would still be good movie. But most of the material was stuff taken from the original only tweaked, and I hate to say it but I was actually bored for a good part of the movie. Some of the jokes/scenes dragged to long, to the point where I didn't find them funny anymore. There were some good moments, but the truly outrageous/original scenes that made the original so great were too few and far between. Some of the scenes were more outrageous in the sense that there was some full frontal nudity, but I'm not someone who finds that super entertaining. Overall it felt to me like a re-hash of stuff that had already been done with some naked people thrown in, and it just wasn't enjoyable like the first movie.
  3. pauljraab, 1 month ago
    I had modest expectations, they weren't met. This is Hollywood milking a successful movie with a contrived followup. This is the same movie. The jokes are the same, just dirtier and more low-brow to get shock reaction. This is like the joke "the Aristocrats". Same joke as before, just dirtier and more disgusting. Drug overdoses, kidnapping and hiding bodies as a premise for a comedy isn't entertainment, it's desperation to go "over the top" without originality. The interaction with the lady-boys was obvious and a cliché for Bangkok humor. It's the Heather Graham joke from the first movie with a little sodomy mixed into it. The inappropriate observations and comments by Alan that made the first movie clever just push the envelope but don't even feel awkward anymore. If your brand of humor falls along the lines of "the more disgusting and grotesque the better" than this is your movie. If you want some creativity and originality for your money, don't bother. I gave it a 4 instead of a 3 only because of the monkey.
  4. chrismsawin, 1 month ago
    Most people seem to really enjoy The Hangover. It wouldn't be the highest grossing R-rated comedy of all time if they didn't, right? The movie also has a fairly solid reputation, as well; certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes along with above average scores just about everywhere else you look. With that said, it's better as a standalone film. Pushing another Hangover film onto the masses would water down and lessen the impact of what made the first film entertaining. The Hangover Part II proves just that and illustrates what a film made solely for money and nothing more really is.

    I felt like I missed out for not seeing the original film in theaters. Due to how often I laughed out loud during its duration, it certainly seemed to warrant a theatrical viewing. With the sequel's release upon us, it seemed like an easy solution. But promotion for the sequel made me feel weary. Trailers pretty much let everybody know that audiences would be sitting through the exact same film again. As it turns out, it is. The Hangover Part II is probably about 90% the same film as The Hangover.

    A few things are changed in comparison to the first film: there's a drug dealing monkey instead of a tiger, Stu gets a tattoo instead of losing a tooth, Alan loses his hair instead of his pants, they're in Thailand instead of Vegas, Jamie Chung replaces Heather Graham (different characters, but still), and a new character is missing instead of one of "The Wolfpack." Everything else plays out nearly identically to the first film other than them checking the roof first; searching all over the city, outrageous antics, Stu's realization that the person they were looking for was right under their nose the entire time, Mike Tyson having a small cameo, right down to the ending leading to pictures in the credits. It's difficult to consider these spoilers when this is technically a film you've already seen. There are a few surprises in there, but not enough to make this sequel feel worthwhile.

    Ken Jeong's Mr. Chow gets a bigger role this time around and he's just as much a blessing as he is poison to the sequel. He has a few pretty classic one-liners, but is really annoying overall. So right after he mutters something amusing, he usually ruins it immediately afterward by either taking the joke too far or just saying something lame. He's a perfect example of too much of a good thing.

    Part of me wishes that The Hangover Part II would've combined The Human Centipede just to see something different. Phil, Alan, and Stu waking up as part of The Human Centipede without any recollection of how they got there sounds way more interesting than what we received. At least it'd be something different and not a complete rehash.

    The Hangover Part II does offer a handful of laughs, but suffers because it's the illegitimate twin brother of the original film. Its redundancy renders it an unnecessary experience even for the most die-hard Hangover fan. You'd probably be better off just watching the first one at home again and saving yourself $10. Part II may also set the record for most male genitalia shown in a wide released R-rated film or at least gives the record a run for its money. Men's junk and its overuse was all that was being discussed as people exited the theater.

    At the end of the day, The Hangover Part II is a mostly pointless sequel that's excessive, repetitive, and manages to tarnish what good it had going for it the first time around. If the small references to the first film weren't in there, it could probably pass as a remake. While it does offer some laughs and is bound to kill at the box office, it doesn't seem worth the trouble since it's basically the same journey with the addition of a bucket load of shafts and testicles and a cigarette smoking monkey.