8.4 IMDb
13 July 2017 Release
$ 100 000 000 Budget
106 min Duration
Genres:Action, Drama, History
Countries:UK, Netherlands, France, USA
Director:Christopher Nolan
Writer:Christopher Nolan
22 Votes

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WWII. The enemy forces have cornered hundreds of thousands of British and French soldiers on the French coast at Dunkirk. A small number of primarily-French soldiers are guarding the perimeter, where the British and French soldiers are amassed, which is getting increasingly smaller as enemy forces advance. Most of those British and French soldiers are now on the beach waiting for destroyers to come and take them back to Britain. Each of the countries are taking care of their own. The British are leaving first and among those the wounded get first priority despite their taking up seven times the space of the able-bodied soldiers. An issue with Dunkirk is that there is only one dock the destroyers can access, which needs to be protected from the enemy bombs. As such, Churchill, newly elected, has put out a call for civilian watercraft to head to Dunkirk both to transport supplies and to transport soldiers from the beach to the destroyers or back to Britain if at all possible. Within this situation, four general stories are told. In one, Commander Bolton, the top British naval officer on the ground, knows deep in his heart that the soldiers are largely sitting ducks on the beach as the enemy planes fly over. He knows that the situation is a Catch-22 for the British in that they need to bring as many soldiers safely home as possible at the depletion of their military resources, which in turn they need to preserve for the day if, but more likely when, the enemies make their way onto British soil. In the second story, a squadron of three RAF spitfires are among those limited air resources that are embarking in dog fights with enemy planes, while protecting the soldiers on the ground. In the process, they have to ensure their own safety in order to provide what is needed for the ground soldiers, which includes knowing about things like fuel levels and having enough to make their way back to home base whenever required. In the third story, two soldiers meet on the beach, the two of them knowing that the longer they remain on the beach, the likelier they are not to survive this skirmish. As such, they try to do whatever they need to to make it onto one of those destroyers or any other watercraft making its way back to Britain. However, making it aboard a ship does not necessarily ensure their survival. And in the final story, Mr. Dawson, his young-adult son Peter and their 17-year-old friend George are on Dawson's pleasure craft making its way to Dunkirk to do their part in the war effort, all realizing the dangers involved. They have to decide at each step along the way if they will focus on personal problems or if they will continue on to assist in the war, as was their first priority when they left Britain.

Movie Comments

  1. Flipper, 1 month ago
    Strong movie with high intensity: Remarkable nerve in this movie with significant exciting story. Top quality music in the whole film. Even though the story of Dunkirk is well-known, this movie has found a few individual stories that are highly interesting. Highly recommendable. The movie is for adults, and in my opinion it is best for war-interested people.
  2. smb-48793, 1 month ago
    I really cannot think of anything positive to say about this movie except for having Spitfires in it. But even as much as I love Spitfires they couldn't save this movie. Clichéd, characterless, frustrating, unoriginal, technically wrong in so many ways etc etc. Sometimes just telling a great story is enough without all the arty cinematography done to death. A macro story turned into a micro characterless tale. Watch the original 1958 version instead, better in every way except there are no Spitfires in it.
  3. lesmoughjames, 2 weeks ago
    I was expected way more out of the performances and plot of Dunkirk; instead of a conventional story with character development and a problem to solve,the movie plunges us onto Dunkirk amidst the carnage. This isn't inherently a bad thing as the horrors and tragedy surrounding the event are presented accurately and respectfully- we the viewer,fully understand the struggle faced by British, Belgian and French soldiers during and leading up to the crisis caused by the Nazi invasion of France.

    There is no connection with any of the various characters throughout the movie, so the element of suspense ceases to exist. This is probably the most heavily criticized factor of Dunkirk and whether it can be excused or not is down to the viewers preference. Personally, I love more story driven filmic experiences with well animated characters; as Dunkirk lacks this, something that I believe to be intentional, I cannot help but feel a little disappointed.

    Despite this, I still enjoyed the movie, watching it for my birthday at the cinema with friends. The visuals and cinematography are impeccable which is to be expected from Nolan and his team. I also have a great interest in the World Wars and all the costumes and vehicles seemed highly accurate.

    In conclusion, Dunkirk portrays to a masterful level, the terror that marked end of the Phoney War and plunged Europe as well as the rest of the world into another conflict ending millions of lives world wide. Being in the center of this chaos, there is no time to fully understand what others are thinking, what kind of people they are, who they may leave behind. We can only watch and hope for their safety.
  4. Akhilan, 2 weeks ago
    So, it's been a large section of reviews and reviews over flooded with the praising and pointing their fascination about the movie Dunkirk and this also seems to be like that. Not in the sense of great reviews and remarks done by BBC, CNN, Hindustan Times, etc but it is a small and very simple writing of a novice which object to point about the man who surrounds with the ambiguous atmosphere all the time and also the man whom I admire a more, in the sense of a filmmaker, Christopher Nolan. Nolan's movies are always a matter of wonder and also it is something an unconventional notes of something which we were not aware about. So that Dunkirk. Let's try point out what are the peculiarities that I am able to find out in this new product from this great filmmaker.

    Dunkirk, unlike the other movies of Nolan, is something very different in the sense of writing and direction. We knew the sensibilities and tastes of Nolan throughout his early masterpieces but this one looks completely differ from those dishes. Dunkirk can be simply noted as The Land, The Air, The Sea and The Home. These four phrases correctly apt what the film is about. There we can saw the collaboration of these four factors in its equal appropriations and mixture while the audience never gets off from the seat when the movie goes so slowly and steadily. As we early said the path's deviation of Nolan as a writer and director is completely mixed up with the theme that the movie carries. The audience always wanted 'Nolan Twist' at the end but he already twisted us from the opening with the freshness of the theme that he is going to use. Surround with the cold atmosphere around the place Dunkirk, the audience also get that coldness (not because of the Air Conditioner in the theaters) just because they were also added into the 400,000 soldiers. Their mind to reach out to their residence was the question that arouses each and every frame of the movie. That's why it gets the simple narrative structure and patterns in every course of the film.

    Hope and Survival are the key factors that laid the foundation for the plot but actually it can only be relate with the accuracy that these two things are bother about. The first one Nolan wanted to accomplish through hope and survival is the very common needs that a man have to carry throughout his life. Let's forget those were soldiers but just consider them as a mere simple, common human being. For the common man hope is always a weapon and survival is the victory they achieved through that weapon. So here the soldiers are using this weapon to find out their home and when they find it they felt their victorious move over. Once at some point they were searching for some place to hide during that evacuation from the keen eyes of their enemies. They are used to that place because they can't even to go any other place, else. Their suffocation, afraid of the enemies (the plane that surrounds them on the top) makes them the urge to move away from there. So that each and every soldier's eyes were illuminate with the fractions of hope.

    Alike, at the time when I wrote my views about the movie Inception of the same filmmaker, here I always wanted to point my hardcore love about the score in this movie, Dunkirk. I pointed early about Hans Zimmers' magical notes while I wrote the review of Inception; I am also wanted to unveil my fascination about him and his composition here also. Throughout the movie there lies the propounding, astonishing background score of Zimmer which gave the audience a fresh appeal to what is going out there in Dunkirk. Each and every frame is circled with small notes of ambiguous outcomes and we just flew into that atmosphere very easily because of these powerful notes. The Super marine music of Zimmer is closely associated with the four phrases that pointed early with its equal togetherness and dividends. Ya, that's something true about, when we enter into the land we receives some sort music ambiance which is completely different from the ambiance of the sea and the air. Zimmer is just trying to find out a collaboration while he composing music for these 'four phrases' but he kept something in his mind, and that is the variety he handled in each section of the movie. Anyway we can simply say, Dunkirk is null without Zimmers' hands.

    Hoyte Van Hoytema, the cinematographer also have the level to receive applause when we talking about the movie Dunkirk. Of course, what a wonderful piece of cinematographic work carried out by him like the movements and shots he followed in the Interstellar. Through Interstellar, Hoytema opened up the new visions of space traveling and that ambiance which relates with the simple atmosphere of the village were the protagonists' family resides, and the corn fields etc. But here he just associated only with a smaller area (which seems to be bigger) around the land, air and water. I was very much fascinated about the aerial shots that he used to point about the 'Air's' influence in the 'four phrase'. Undoubtedly this shot can be said the trademark shot in the movie Dunkirk. He can easily handle all phrases with a unique style and it was so appreciable. He along with Nolan helped the audience to get as closer to mindset of the soldiers and the rib of the movie as a whole.