6.6 IMDb
11 February 2015 Release
$ 50 100 000 Budget
105 min Duration
Genres:Comedy, Crime, Drama
Countries:USA, Argentina
Director:Glenn Ficarra
Writers:Glenn Ficarra, John Requa
9 Votes

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Nicky is an accomplished con man. When a young grafter, Jess tries to take him, he sees right through her. He takes her under his wing and things between them get personal. When they pull a big score, Nicky decides to let her go because he thinks getting involved with her is not good. Three years later, Nicky's working for a guy to give a competitor some false info. But before he begins, he discovers Jess is with the guy and it ticks him off. He tries to apologize but she doesn't want to accept.

Movie Comments

  1. nzswanny, 1 week ago
    I would of rated the film a 9 if it just continued in the first half as a good, flashy, stylish and intelligent film but the second half then turned the film into another horrible Mr And Mrs Smith all because of Margot Robbie and Will Smith's romance. I was cautious about rating this film as high as I did at first, but then I decided that I would because the first half was so good, but the second half was a real stinker and deserved a 5. The film had so much potential at the start but then just slipped off the rails, I guess, and I never actually thought that I could of felt this way for a movie before. The cinematography could of also been a lot better, but because the editing is so good, the humour is funny and the fact that the first half was genius I think I will say that I enjoyed this. Watch the first half of the film, then imagine up a second half, no need for a long review.
  2. bowmanblue, 1 week ago
    Okay, I'll admit one of my main reasons for watching 'Focus' is because I saw Will Smith and Margot Robbie in 'Suicide Squad' and thought they were the best part about it. It was only then that I found out they'd already starred together in a crime-caper and, based on their super-villain chemistry, thought it would probably be worth a watch. And I was pleasantly surprised… to begin with.

    Smith plays a suave conman who stumbles on a not-so-suave conwoman, played by Robbie. However, she is endearing to him enough for him to feel like he needs to take her under his wing and teach her to refine her scamming ways in order to keep her out from the law's reach just that little bit longer. Luckily for him (and the speed of the narrative!) she takes to it pretty quickly and in a matter of seconds (well, 'screen-time' seconds anyway!) she's as much of a pro as he is. And so, he inducts her into his gang and off they go scamming people during a big festival-type event.

    And I was quite enjoying this. Yes, you do kind of have to leave the fact that, despite their charming exteriors and witty quips, these are criminals and although it's quite fun and cool to watch them 'work' we'd most likely be a little less tolerant if one of them lifted our camera while they pretended to ask for directions in a crowded public place. Anyway, it was fun seeing them scam – even if it does serve as a warning to watch out for these types of people and the tricks of their trade which allow them to operate.

    However, about a third of the way through the film everything changes. The group goes their separate ways after their major scam is complete. After this, everything sort of slows down. There's only really one storyline going on which – obviously – centres on our two attractive leads and the single scam that's now taking place. It was about this time that I stopped watching intently and enjoying the light-hearted caper and had that burning desire to check my emails on my phone. That's what happens to the plot – it sort of drifts away from you and you stop really paying attention. I think I may have checked Instagram once or twice during the second act and I'm pretty certain that I didn't miss much. It becomes the sort of film where you can quite easily nip out for a cup of tea and you won't really have missed anything vital.

    Overall, 'Focus' isn't a bad film. I really enjoyed the first half and the chemistry and coolness-factor of the two leads just about took me through the rest of it. I'm not sure how often I'd bother watching it again. I could probably go many years before really bothering to invest another couple of hours on this one. Definitely one of those films where you're better off watching it for free on one of the internet's 'streaming' services rather than buying the Blu-ray at full price.

    The first half I'd rate 7/10 and the second half just 6/10, but overall I'm feeling generous!
  3. Dr_Sagan, 1 week ago
    Just watched "Focus", a movie which made some buzz 2-3 years ago mainly because the rumored romance between the two main actors, Will Smith and Margot Robbie. I don't know what they actually did off-screen, but on-screen they have no chemistry at all.

    Focus is a movie about con-artists. It doesn't try to follow the steps of "The Sting" or "Ocean's eleven", but it has the same goal, to confuse the audience on who is playing who... and here is where the problems are starting to arise...

    The plot is paper thin and every con seems unnecessary and overcomplicated. There aren't that too many cons to begin with, but every one of them seems forced. A futile effort from the writers, to "amaze" the audience.

    You see, to make the audience to expect a twist is basically a bad thing. Even the average viewer had, possibly, better twists in mind than those in "Focus". More plausible and more fun to watch. Here the tricks are too over-the-top in their execution to swallow, and overall unimpressive, leaving a bad aftertaste...

    The movie looks colorful, but the acting is pale. Will Smith seems bored possibly because of an early realization that this movie won't work.

    Overall: Not a satisfying movie, including the lukewarm ending. The twists you expecting from a con-artist's movie are there, but they are unclever and forced. Maybe its time to dust that DVD of "The Sting" from the selves...

  4. adamonfilm, 1 week ago
    'Focus' looks and sounds way more interesting than it actually is. From the title and synopsis to its stylish posters, everything suggests a cool, fresh and different film. In reality, it's pretty average. The plot fell well short of my expectations and Will Smith looks as uninvolved in this film as I think I've ever seen him.

    This title of this movie is quite ironic given that I found my mind wondering on more than one occasion. Any decent film should be able to hold your attention for a couple of hours, but 'Focus' fails to do that, no thanks to an underwhelming plot and unsatisfying ending. All in all, it's not the film it's made out to be. 'Focus' is disappointing and forgettable.