The Babysitter

6.4 IMDb
13 October 2017 Release
Genres:Comedy, Horror
10 Votes

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Cole, an introverted 12-year-old boy who is always bullied by his next-door neighbour, is secretly having a crush on his gorgeous babysitter, Bee. With this in mind, even though Cole doesn't admit it, he still needs his babysitter, as Bee is, above all, every boy's dream-girl fantasy incarnate. However, when Cole's parents leave for the weekend, unforeseen revelations regarding Bee's obscure past, will force the young teenager to take matters into his own hands, and for the first time in his life, overcome his fears to become the neighbourhood's hero. Of course, all that's needed is just a splash of blood.

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Movie Comments

  1. GL84, 2 months ago
    Stuck at home with his babysitter, a bullied teen initially trying to spy on her extracurricular activities finds that she's part of a pack of individuals looking to offer a sacrifice for a satanic being and must try to outwit her and her friends as they try to carry out their evil plans.

    This here was quite the exceptionally enjoyable effort. One of the finest aspects of this one is the fact that there's such a fun atmosphere at the core of the film as there's plenty of good times to be had. The off-beat humor at the heart of this one allows plenty of laughs, from surprise quips and one-liners that pop out at the most unexpected moments to continually harping on a rather useless point to the absurd situations present here with the idea of the group coming to the house in order to engage in a satanic sacrifice that's going to occur after everybody's fallen asleep which really helps to make this one so much fun during the initial setup of the first half. Since that goes hand-in-hand with their relationship during the sleepover and how they are together which not only has the fun relationship at the center of this one as well as the enhancement of some of that fun from the fine antics they engage in which makes for a fine start to this one by being played up throughout the rest of the film. The film really hits it's stride once it turns into a horror effort, as the whole affair is a lot of fun with the explosive and wholly shocking sacrifice scene that comes at the tail end of the titillating seduction scene which is the start of it all. That leads into the dark and twisted yet still somewhat comical scenes of the group getting their plans interrupted as well as the frantic interaction with the investigative officers that really kicks the film up with some intense action of the group getting the upper hand. With the series of fun, intense chases here that keep this one moving forward with a sense of humor amongst the thrills generated here of the encounter in the crawlspace, the battle in the dilapidated treehouse or the chase through the backyard, this keeps up a fine energy with plenty of stellar humor and a chilling atmosphere. With the finale turning into a chilling stalking scene in the neighbors' house with plenty of tense moments and a lack of humor, it makes for a fine time here that gives this an appropriately suspenseful time here with plenty to like about it as this fully ties in the themes of self-reliance and being a grown- up that had been a part of this one from the start. Alongside the fine gore for the inventive kills, these here really make this one exceptionally enjoyable while holding it up over it's few minor flaws. The main issue is the constant pop-ups that appear here which are an annoyance and don't really mean much of anything so its inclusion is rather confusing. The other problem is the pacing in the finale which seems to go on a little too long with so many false endings that it saps some of the energy out of the finale. These here are all that hold this one down.

    Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language and children-in- jeopardy.
  2. matraibarna, 2 months ago
    Couldn't say anymore than my title. A really refreshing movie, it was unpredictable, great characters and their motivations and how they acted it was just a lot of fun for me. I really recommend to anyone who likes the horror genre and wants some refreshingly new, cheesy, fun movie.