7.4 IMDb
16 May 2016 Release
118 min Duration
Genres:Comedy, Drama, Romance
Countries:USA, France, Germany
Director:Jim Jarmusch
Writers:Jim Jarmusch, William Carlos Williams
8 Votes

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Exactly one week in the life of a young man named Paterson of Paterson, New Jersey is presented. He lives an extremely regimented and routinized life, that routine perhaps most vividly displayed by the fact that he is able to wake up at exactly the same time every day without an alarm. That life includes eating Cheerios for breakfast, walking to work carrying his brown bag lunch packed in his lunch pail by his wife Laura, having a casual chat with his colleague Donny before he begins his shift driving the #23 Paterson bus for the local public transit company, walking home where he straightens out the exterior mailbox which somehow during the day gets knocked crooked, eating dinner with Laura and listening to her goings-on of the day, taking Laura's English bulldog Marvin - who he would admit to himself he doesn't much like - out for a walk to his neighborhood bar where he has one and only one beer before walking home with Marvin. There are day to day variations which are often the result of how certain other routines associated to him manifest themselves, such as what drama will occur in the relationship of Marie and Everett who are always at the bar together despite her always saying that they are no longer together, or in what form Laura's unique and distinctive design sense will affect Paterson's life directly or indirectly. Paterson's keen observances of what happens around him are largely the bases for the poems he writes, he constantly thinking of these and writing them in his secret notebook whenever he has a spare moment during his day. He is influenced by among others Paterson natives such as William Carlos Williams and his epic poem "Paterson". Paterson's writing are largely for himself, although Laura would like him to share more with her and the rest of the world. Something that happens to Paterson this week has the potential to knock his routinized world into a tailspin.

Movie Comments

  1. Dextronix, 2 weeks ago
    I've seen films with much more action than this that I've found boring. This film in its simplistic terms sounds boring maybe. But for some reason I just really dug the mood of the film. It struck a chord in me and I was so glad it stayed true to it's feel, beginning to end.

    There's definitely a delicately implied menace in the background. The tension of wondering if this will materialize really adds to it's character.

    Adam Driver is perfect in this. His voice reciting the poetry is oddly hypnotic. Golshifteh Farahani is quirkily marvelous too. Marvin the dog is simply beautiful and so touching that I couldn't help but be suckered into the mood of this film with this brilliant cast.

    I didn't want it to end. Very solid 8 out of 10 from me. A film for daydreamers
  2. jeffhaller, 2 weeks ago
    This one certainly isn't for everyone. But if people can examine the mundanity of life and realize how so often one day blends into another, then you get it. And if you have a hobby whose purpose you cannot explain to anyone else, then you might feel that the writer/director was illegally peeping into your mind. There is a plot twist near the end of the film that is extremely spiritual and moving and gives the whole work a purpose. A beautiful movie for some. A total bore for others.
  3. Bill Phillips, 1 week ago
    This is one of the most painfully slow and boring movies I have ever watched. I know, it was supposed to be about "ordinary people" but instead it seems to be about two people who have so suppressed their emotions that they are no longer capable of feeling anything. I've seen "small town bar life" and it will kill the spirit. Adam Driver and Golshifteh Farahani could have done much better, but I really blame this on the director who could have blown a little life into these two characters.
  4. velutha1, 1 week ago
    This had elements to be compelling, but just wound up a complete bore. So unrealistic, so pretentious, this film I had to fast forward through to get to the end without tearing my hair out. The thing that disturbed me most about this is the character of Paterson who is portrayed as a working class, sensitive, good guy but who shows no appreciation for the people around him, his coworker, his bartender and especially including his highly creative and loving wife. The city of Paterson and the job of a bus driver are also completely inaccurately portrayed. Most bus drivers I have ever seen are not riding around cities with light traffic and not dealing with the public including putting a lift down for disabled folks, dealing with difficult customers and the basic chaos of any small or large city. Jarmusch wants to make Paterson, NJ look like some European city while he glosses over the difficulties of the city as life is really lived within it. The most boring fairy tale you might ever watch.