The Dark Knight Rises

8.4 IMDb
16 July 2012 Release
$ 250 000 000 Budget
Genres:Action, Thriller
Countries:UK, USA
12 Votes

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8 years after the events of The Dark Knight find Gotham at a time of peace. This is due to Batman taking the fall for Harvey Dent's murder. However, a new evil force named Bane has arrived in Gotham and aims to take over the city and expose the truth behind who Harvey Dent really was. Now that Wayne Manor has been completely rebuilt - Bruce Wayne has become almost reclusive, rarely leaving the estate. And with Bane taking over the city by force, it forces Batman to come out of retirement. But his allies are few and far apart. An elusive jewel thief by the name of Selina Kyle could be the key to stopping Bane - but whose side is she on?

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Movie Comments

  1. John Flynn, 1 month ago
    …These are the three words that sum up each film in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. Each film deliberately tells a completely different story. Which is something that many other superhero franchises lack. Most of them just retrieve the same plot and just add different aspects to make it not as obvious (Spider-Man trilogy, Iron Man trilogy, X- Men trilogy, etc).

    But Christopher Nolan indeed takes a new direction with each film. Which can be said about all of his films, actually. And The Dark Knight Rises further proves it. While, The Dark Knight Rises bares stylistic resemble to The Dark Knight, it's far grander in scale, and far less restricted than its predecessor. In a way, it's a culmination of what Batman Begins and The Dark Knight have achieved. It possesses more comic book-inspired style that Batman Begins had, but doesn't lack the grit and a sense of operatic realism that The Dark Knight had.

    It takes story elements from such Batman stories like The Dark Knight Returns, Knightfall, The Cult, and No Man's Land. Each of these stories could've been a movie in itself, but, the elements that the movies takes from them, it does a great job at appropriating elements from them for its own narrative.

    What I really, really appreciate about this film, and what I never found in any other superhero film (until Logan didn't came out), is that, this movie gives a satisfying closure to its titular character. Which is what every other previous superhero film failed to do. Bruce Wayne in this film is tested as he never has been before, by Bane, one of Batman's greatest adversaries in the comics. But he manages to pick himself up, come back, and save Gotham, as he promised on his parents' grave to do, despite the cost. But, at the end, there is a glimpse of reward for all the pain he went through. A glimpse of hope. A sign that maybe everything he has was worth it.

    Which is why this is one of the few finales to the big franchises that actually manages to live up to its previous success.
  2. DylanW, 1 month ago
    The Dark Knight Rises once more stars Christian Bale as Batman, in the third movie of this trilogy, and Tom Hardy as Bane, Batman's main nemesis in this film. After turmoil and trouble struck both Bruce Wayne and Batman at the end of The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne has, like most superhero franchises, hung up the mask of the Dark Knight, now a cripple who resorts to using a cane and is bested by simple cat burglars. Being a new low for Batman, it is even worse that Wayne Enterprises is slowly becoming broke. A new low for Batman; a new low for Wayne. Even worse, a new nemesis, Bane, enters the fray, trained in a similar style to Wayne, Bane promises strength (without his signature venom to power him on; as may be familiar in the comics or cartoons) which can somehow allow him to punch through concrete, and a completely exaggerated motive for what he does. (P.S. At least watch Batman Begins if you want to understand Bane's motives). The acting is good, but foolish battle sequences, and an overpowered Batman arsenal takes away from the whole, Batman-works-in-the-night-with-cool-but-not-overpowered-gadgets thing. Unlike the previous movies', the film was much too long and this villain (which did not complement the comics), Bane, is not what most (who knew him) would be expecting.
  3. aldeluna, 1 month ago
    i find this movie very commercial with all the taste to be one of my favors this is the way of making a good commercial movie, good line best screenplay sound a pictures one of my favor, love the work of all department,perfect the cast is one of the best color are just perfect i recommend this movie to all audience professional or just anyone who love movies
  4. cinemajesty, 1 month ago
    Movie Review: "The Dark Knight Rises" (2012)

    Even though all crew connected to the smash hit "The Dark Knight" in summer of 2008 returned for this sequel that receives a little more of everything; an expended cast, higher production budget and screenplay that shall polarize. Nevertheless Director Christopher Nolan cannot hide the fact that he has become tiresome on the subject of the iconic character of Batman as the portrayal of primus actor Christian Bale suggests in the first 45 Minutes of the movie by portraying a remote Bruce Wayne, who has no reason to live.

    The rise of the third nemesis in shapes of the character Bane, accelerated performed by unrecognizable actor Tom Hardy, gave the event movie of summer 2012, written by the brothers Jonathan & Christopher Nolan, the chance to move out of the CGI-denying restrictions. A pool of DC graphic novels have not been enough to realize the fact that with a third installment since the break-out fantasy action movie "Batman Begins" in 2005, "The Dark Knight Rises" must have been the mystical, even by the genre of Science-Fiction driven conclusion for "The Dark Knight Trilogy".

    Director Christopher Nolan, receiving every possible production value, he asks for, since two executive hits with "The Dark Knight" and his personalized dream project "Inception" (2010), makes no use of a 250 Million Dollar production budget provided by producers Charles Roven and Emma Thomas. Some shots as the flying into cave bat-jet under a waterfall and then landing on stellar black marble platform, creates a glimpse of what should have been possible in terms ricochet bullet storm, secret body-enhancing serums, advanced martial arts choreographies and highly hostile bio-chemical weapon system in the hands of Bane to push Warner Bros. Executives to an R-rated international release of this tent pole picture.

    Opportunities to make "The Dark Knight Rises" the awestruck Science-Fiction-Action movie will be cold-heartily missed, too rushed feels the introductions, even in the 160 Minutes final cut version, of three supporting characters with actress Marion Cotillard as business woman Miranda Tate, Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman and actor Ben Mendelsohn as business man Daggett, about to takeover Wayne Enterprises. An emotional scene between Christian Bale and Michael Caine, reprising the role of Alfred Pennyworth, shares some empathetic feelings of what it is at stakes in minor innovative visuals in too-heavy, high-quality imagery IMAX camera rigs directed by cinematographer Wally Pfister, who broke with the director to do his own film "Transcendence" (2014).

    The Zeitgeist hype-following audience did not want to acknowledge the out of nothing appearances, especially of the character of Miranda Tate, due to editorial compromises by editor Lee Smith, who needed to give in to cut short scenes, resulting in jump cuts all long, especially in the retrospectively speaking unimpressive showdown sequence of roundabout twenty minutes of screen-time, where Miranda Tate gets cut on / off the driver seat of the doomsday device bringing truck to further descriptive dialogue lines in all characters, comprehensible for the masses at all ages.

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