Fifty Shades Darker

4.6 IMDb
7 February 2017 Release
$ 55 000 000 Budget
118 min Duration
Genres:Drama, Romance
Countries:USA, China
Director:James Foley
Writers:Niall Leonard, E.L. James
9 Votes

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Slowly recovering from the shock of discovering Christians' obscure side and sadistic nature, Anastasia unable to overcome the fundamental differences between them, picks up the pieces of her broken heart and finally finds the courage to move on with her life, even if this means to be deprived of the only man who managed to unlock her sexuality. Determined to succeed, Anastasia, the brainy book lover, has now found a new job as a zealous assistant editor in a small publishing firm, unaware, however, that Christian who never seized to admire her, wants her desperately back. Soon, the two lovers will find themselves renegotiating the terms of a brand-new no rules, no punishments, and above all, no secrets proposition, a proper "vanilla" relationship with no strings attached. Nevertheless, Christian's well-hidden past is bound to catch up with them, exposing the skeletons in his closet and threatening to imperil the already fragile relationship that both Anastasia and Christian so ferociously fought to establish.

Movie Comments

  1. mauricepfeife, 1 month ago
    Even if this sounds super pretentious, I think it wasn't that hard to make this a good movie. Put some kind of meta-level in there, don't take yourself so serious in every scene of this movie (there are times in this movie where the serious tone was right but so many scenes could have been a little bit more lighthearted and not so try hard heavy) and have "better" music, so this doesn't look like a music video (I'm looking at you, boat scene).
  2. Mila_Marie_00, 1 month ago
    wow. was this bad. I've read the books and they are pretty bad so my expectations are not high. let me sum this up for you without even spoiling it.

    sex 30 seconds of unexplained completely unsubstantiated drama sex 30 seconds of unexplained completely unsubstantiated drama sex 30 seconds of unexplained completely unsubstantiated drama sex 30 seconds of unexplained completely unsubstantiated drama sex

    there you go. you've 'seen' it. i mean seriously, insert eye roll.

    and Rita Ora as the sister?? WHY? there is literally NO REASON for this casting choice at all. And lord, you think Rhianna is a bad actress (as far as pop stars trying to act) - wait until you catch Rita Ora. Not one line is delivered that sounds unscripted. It's truly tragic.

    and here is a ***spoiler alert** for what it's worth.

    scene. cute love text cute love text. OMG helicopter crash (literally for no reason at all. like you barely even understand why he and his associate are even in a helicopter). OMG Christian might be dead (this literally lasts 2.5 minutes then he walks in alive. like literally it's the most anti-climatic "i thought you were dead scene" in the history of ever. God, it's just so bad. I don't even know why I gave it 3 stars except they are hot to look at. That's about it.
  3. Vinny Altieri, 3 weeks ago
    First and foremost I would like to state how awful this movie is. This is Transformers 5 bad, I'm talking Dragonball: Evolution bad. The first Fifty Shades movie was poor and I reviewed it as such, I really didn't think it could get much worse from there. OH BOY, was I wrong. Flat characters plague this "film" and the atrocious dialogue makes them that much worse. Not to mention that combined with the plot I was so bored and uninterested I started focusing on how many tacos I might eat for dinner. However, the worst part of this film still goes to the nonexistent chemistry between Dornan and Johnson. Their performances are so stale throughout the entire picture that after the credits started I could not turn off this garbage swiftly enough to put literally anything else on just to improve my mood.
  4. michellesusankelly, 3 weeks ago
    I have read all three books, and out of them all,this one had a more gripping story line outside of the sex which becomes tiresome quickly. When these actors were cast I was disappointed, as not what I hoped or imagined. I watched the first and thought, OK, can live with it, although Jamie is not cold enough, and Dakota seems awkward. I was looking forward to the Lelia aspect in this movie as well as the Jack creepy boss issue. I thought throughout the movie it was all rushed, only briefly encountered these story lines and I felt let down. I thought Dakota didn't show enough emotion, Elena is not right played by Kim , should have been more striking. In all, the books are weak anyway, but I thought this was the best of the three but the movie didn't do it justice.