The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

6.2 IMDb
15 October 2003 Release
$ 9 200 000 Budget
3 Votes

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On August 18th, 1973, in Texas, Erin, her boy-friend Kemper, their friends Andy and Morgan and the hitchhiker Pepper are returning from a vacation in Mexico having been to a Lynnard Skynnard concert. Kemper is driving when a disturbed young woman dangerously wanders onto the road. They decide to help her, and the woman commits suicide inside the vehicle. They decide to look for a telephone to call the Sheriff, and they end in the house of Thomas Hewitt, where their lives are threatened by the sick Leatherface and his deranged family.

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Movie Comments

  1. camceuen, 1 month ago
    This remake was excellent! The filmmakers did a fantastic job and didn't give this title a bad name. The cinematography was beautiful for a horror movie. There was a lot of blood and gore, but in a great way! Of course no remake or equal will ever live up to the original, but this remake is fantastic! Don't listen to the party poopers who say this is bad and an embarrassment, they feel like they have to hate it because the original was perfect. I highly recommend this film!
  2. Ilikehorrormovies, 1 month ago
    I do prefer the old one. I'm glad someone told me to watch it. I rent it like few months ago and I enjoy it. It's not bad what some people say. No I'm not saying this film is misunderstood it's just the film if you hate it or love it and I like this film. I like how the death is gruesome man it's bloody. Not the greatest horror movie remake but it's good in it's own way.
  3. Eric Stevenson, 1 month ago
    This movie is infamous for receiving a rare zero star rating from Roger Ebert. He called the movie vile and ugly and how everything was disturbing about it. I'm going to admit that it's bad, but it's not one of the worst movies ever. This is from someone who liked the original "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". The worst part is this movie is probably how they cut out the best sequence from the original film where the killers are around the girl at the dinner table. This film lacks the atmosphere that made the original good.

    I admit that the first thirty minutes aren't really that bad. It's not until after that where we get a really ugly looking film. Everything is filmed in the dark and the acting is quite bad. It offers nothing new to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise which doesn't have much dignity to begin with. I do kind of like Leatherface in this movie but everything is still rather cliché with the girl being chased and the killer and everything. Most of this movie is in fact very unpleasant and just pointless to watch. *1/2
  4. mathijsschaap, 1 month ago
    Shame on me: I saw the original 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' for the first time only two years ago, at the age of 39. And I loved it! Good old claustrophobic horror that still holds up today!

    I saw the 2006 movie once, but I didn't like that one. Today, we saw this 2003 remake for the first time, and -like the original two years ago- it fascinated me, scared me and enjoyed every minute of it! Tobe Hooper should embrace this remake. This is what a remake should be: retelling the story without copying the original: make it your own, OWN it! This is exactly what the creators of the remake have done! And even when Michael Bay was involved! You know: Michael Bay; that overrated, talent-less, narcissistic guy that nobody wants to work with when they have worked with him... That guy who thinks every Transformer movie should be about degrading images about women, as sex symbols, and fast cars, as if every guy is interested in that, especially in the 21th century.

    But Bay obviously did not direct this great remake! It has only some gore, do not let the haters tell you otherwise, because this is the movie Tobe Hooper would have made if he had the budget back then!

    Loved this remake, man! I love both: the original and this remake! It has elements you have not seen before, and way more... CHAINSAW!!! ;-)