Django Unchained

8.4 IMDb
11 December 2012 Release
$ 100 000 000 Budget
Genres:Drama, Western
10 Votes

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In 1858, a bounty hunter named Schultz seeks out a slave named Django and buys him because he needs him to find some men he is looking for. After finding them, Django wants to find his wife, Brunhilde, who along with him were sold separately by his former owner for trying to escape. Schultz offers to help him if he chooses to stay with him and be his partner. Eventually they learn that she was sold to a plantation in Mississipi. Knowing they can't just go in and say they want her, they come up with a plan so that the owner will welcome them into his home and they can find a way.

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Movie Comments

  1. Noah Abney, 2 months ago
    Django: Unchained is the best Quentin Tarantino film to date- and that alone speaks volumes about this masterpiece.

    Christoph Waltz returns with another Oscar-winning performance as Dr. King Schultz as the standout performer in a movie full of great performances. Leonardo DiCaprio takes the stage with one of the best performances in his outstanding career, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats every single time he is on screen. Jamie Foxx gives the performance of his career as Django, and is perhaps the most underrated performance of this film, shadowed by Leo and Cristoph. He seems fierce, focused, and intimidating. He was the perfect casting choice for this movie. Beyond these three magnificent actors, this movie features Samuel L. Jackson, which speaks for itself.

    The action is riveting, bloody, and done very masterfully. The score is glorious, from Luis Bacalov's 'Django' to open the movie, to Franco Micalizzi's 'Trinity (Titoli)' at the bookend, this movie is packed full of great tracks that will only add to these wonderfully-crafted scenes and performances.

    These performances, Tarantino's directing, and the awesome soundtrack all combine to create perhaps the greatest film Tarantino will ever make, and deserves to be one of the most memorable movies of the past few decades.
  2. Mr Black, 2 months ago
    Yeah,, well interesting story, but again.. over the top much? Seriously,, someone tell the director a bullet does not cause a gallon of blood to fly out of your back. A single bullet also does not a person's head to explode like they just put a grenade in their their mouth. I don't understand the reasoning for this over the top ridiculous level of graphic violence. The movie doesn't need it. It's like they are trying make society think this is normal or invoke some other sickness on an already violent world. Also, lets do some research. People did not wear holstered pistols in 1855. They hadn't even invents those type of holsters yet. People didn't openly carry guns. If they even had a gun it was most likely just put in a pocket. And Django's sunglasses? Come on! Lastly... the character "Broomhilda?" What is that? The name is Brynhilde. Broomhilda was a character in a comic strip. No German couple would name a girl Broomhilda.
  3. leepyphoto, 2 months ago
    QT has done it again for me. Already knowing that the genius was a big fan of the old westerns, I knew this would not be failure. Rooting,tooting and shooting all the way through with some fantastic dialogue which keeps you compelled for 2 and a half hours. I will eat my hat if DiCaprio doesn't get a golden Oscar for this, he fully deserves to have one now.(update:it was tough to chew) In fact the whole cast deserved to take an award home. The same tomato juice get's used of what you saw in Kill-Bill, so be prepared for extreme violent scenes. QT amazes me because every song that gets used for the film was slotted perfectly just like he has done with others in the past (Jackie Brown anyone). Loved it and it's great to be my fave movie of 2012 (see my time-frame list)
  4. Zack Boyd, 2 months ago
    Django Unchained Review

    The American Western film genre was lacking a strong and heroic black protagonist. Django Unchained fills that gap and then some with a well-done performance by Jamie Foxx as Django. As he is tough, independent, and charming character that perfectly fulfills Western gunslinger role. Django has become an iconic Western character up there with the likes of the characters played by Clint Eastwood and John Wayne. Django is a worthy gun slinging hero for the 21st century.

    Django begin the film as a slave, but with the help of a German bounty hunter Schultz, played by Christopher Waltz, Django gets his freedom in support for information to complete a bounty out on the Brittle Brothers. Django eventually becomes a bounty hunter himself and sets out to both get revenge for his years as a slave and rescue his wife Broomhilda, played by Kerry Washington, from a Southern plantation owner Candie, played by Leonardo di Caprio.

    The star studded cast fits into their roles with perfection. Each acting performance is superb. Jamie Foxx who begins as a low talking slave arcs into one of most iconic gun slinging figures in American Western film. As for Di Caprio, he plays his most unlikeable character yet. I would argue, however, that Django Unchained is one of his best performances as an actor. Next Waltz also again delivers yet another quality performance to match his role in Inglorious Bastards. It seems that Tarrentino brings the best out of him. Further, worth noting is that the lesser known Don Johnson as "Big Daddy" Bennet also shines as he is somehow able to master both being comedic and grossly racist.

    However, as good as all the acting performances are, it is Samuel L. Jackson, as Stephen a slave who thinks he is better than all the other slaves, who truly rocks this movie. You will forget that it is even Jackson in the movie as Jackson, who usually plays strong characters like a Jedi master in Star Wars or a well-spoken gangster in Pulp Fiction, transform into a pathetic creep, who not only keeps himself bound to servitude but also his other fellow slaves.

    The film like Inglorious Bastards before it is a historical revenge film about the injustices against a minority group. In Inglorious Bastards it was the Jews getting revenge against Nazi Germany and in Django Unchained it is African Americans getting revenge against the American South for its participation in slavery and racism. What Tarrentino can do so well is highlight a serious topic but at the same time be able to deliver some humorous moments (the scene with the masks being the most notable). Django Unchained like a lot of Tarrentino's works can mix the brutal and the humorous so well. If you love Tarrentino's past works you will also really like this film.

    The film has two flaws. The first is that there is very little arc by the supporting characters in the film. If a character was good in the beginning they were good till the end and vice versa. Unlike Tarrentino's best work Pulp Fiction none of the characters seem very deep and layered. Rather, instead the characters in the film although memorable go through very little transformation. This makes Django Unchained lack a deeper meaning and seem to predictable compared to what can be found in Pulp Fiction. Secondly, the film I think wastes the opportunity to use Kerry Washington to her fullest capabilities. She is a talented actor and deserved more on-screen time to build up her character and relationship with Django.