Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

6.5 IMDb
19 August 2014 Release
$ 65 000 000 Budget
Genres:Crime, Thriller
5 Votes

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Some of Sin City's most hard-boiled citizens cross paths with a few of its more reviled inhabitants.

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Movie Comments

  1. gemandeye1, 1 month ago
    I'm not an avid 3D lover. Many give me a headache. But some are just so much better and enhance the movie. This is one. While I definitely love the first and it will be a classic, iconic, cult hit for generations to come this was a great sequel that does not deserve some of the hateful remarks, yet everyone is entitled to their opinion. The simplest of the 3D is what blew me away. Take note of the smoky rooms and the falling snow. It truly looks as if it is all around you. It wasn't the usual bullet or weapon flying at your face routine. It was those subtle touches that added the quality. I for one enjoyed the story line. I watched the movies back to back and that added even more to the viewing experience. Don't let the haters sway you away from this. Check it out yourself. Preferably in 3D.
  2. osborne_trent, 1 month ago
    I enjoyed the first movie for exactly what it was and watched the sequel expecting pretty much more of the same which is what I got. Sin City a dame to kill for is the follow up to the 2005 movie, most of the cast returns reprising their original roles while the corrupt nature of the city is further explored. Like the original the movie is divided into different segments that are loosely connected in some cases and heavily in others. This structuring works similar to the original though not as well certain segments are split when they probably shouldn't of been which kind of hurts the momentum. Despite this the movie does have a hidden narrative the descent of Nancy as every story at least glimpses her showcasing her increasing aggression, elements of her arc even appear in other stories, more on Nancy when we reach her segment.

    The movie is divided into three stories and a prologue the prologue is so short you really can't count it, though it is a fun opening that reintroduces us to Marv in great fashion. The first story called The Long night an original story not part of the comic features Joseph Gordon Levitt who plays a charming young man with a talent for gambling and a case of good luck his skills and luck ultimately pit him against Senator Roark, in a rather intriguing struggle. While short this story works as a brief tale and unravels at a fast pace with a rather unexpected yet satisfying ending. Powers Booth delivers a strong performance as Roark in this section giving Sin City a villain presence it has sorely lacked.

    The second story is the titled dame to kill for and this story is definitely the highlight of the movie and in my opinion the strongest segment in both movies. Josh Brolin does a good job as Dwight filling in for Clive Owen, while Mickey Roark returns in a larger role as Marv and as awesome and lovable as ever. Unfortunately the great Micheal Clark Duncan passed but Dennis Haysbert does a good job filling in as Manute. The girls of old town return as well and as sexy and deadly as they ever were. However the star of this segment is Eva Green as Ava Lord she really knocks it out of the park with this role embodying everything a true femme fatale is and gives the franchise it's most memorable villain. The story is well paced and takes up about half the movie and it's worth it all, this segment alone makes the movie worth seeing truly some of the best material of either movies.

    The final story is Nancy's last dance. This story contains some of the most intriguing parts of the movie as we watch as Hartigans death causes Nancy to slowly spiral downwards, we see as she becomes more angry bitter and full of hatred intriguingly enough Nancy's descent is mostly shown through her dances at the club as each one gradually loses the beauty it had and becomes more sexual and aggressive to the point that Marv becomes disgusted at what she is becoming. These sections are very good seeing Nancy fall apart through her grief and her rage towards Roark and Hartigan raises the character stuff above most Sin City stories. Unfortunately it kind of falls apart once Nancy sets out on her revenge the action is good but it all comes off as very rushed and we aren't given the same level of closure as in the first especially regarding Nancy's character who definitively needed more of a resolution to her story. As such Nancy's last dance delivers many of the best parts of the movie with a pretty good performance by Jessica Alba but it doesn't reach it's full potential because the end point is rushed.

    So where does this put the movie exactly? The performances are about the same and story quality is similar the A Dame to kill for segment as I said is probably better than anything in the first movie, Nancy's last dance gives a great and dark arc to Nancy and the villains are far more memorable these areas not only match the first but actually exceed it however the segments aren't broken as well as they could be and don't have the same level of connection in particular the long night and Nancy's last dance should've been one story as bits of Nancy's story even are shown in the former just do a little more to connect them and it could work they are just too short separately and of course Nancy's last dance was rushed. So when you weight out these two sides I would say it the two movies are about equal, A Dame to kill For matches and even exceeds the first in many areas but it also falls short more often than the first did where that leaves it for me is about the same level as the original maybe a little lower. Either way Sin City a Dame to kill for was a solid follow up to the original that fans should check out.

  3. dromasca, 1 month ago
    There are films based on graphic novels (comics books) heroes and action stories and the genre is flourishing making happy studios and fans of all ages. And there are the 'Sin City' films which are graphic novels on screens. 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For' directed by Frank Miller (who also created the books that inspired them) and Robert Rodriguez is only the second in this genre. I liked it. I will try to explain the reasons and the difference.

    The first thing to notice with 'Sin City 2' (as for the first one almost one decade earlier) is that it does not pretend to be anything else that it is. It is a comics story which is directly designed for the big screen rather than for the paper support of the graphic novels. The story (there are actually three almost independent story threads) is simple and relies mostly on action. No psychological or character development is to be expected from its heroes, they are from the first time they appear on screen until the moment they die or the end of the movie (what comes first) 'The Drunken Righteous', 'The Dangerous Vamp', 'The Corrupt Senator','The Nice Face Gambler', etc. The actors either wear masks (Mickey Rourke) or they are their own masks (Jessica Alba, Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Josh Brolin, Powers Boothe, Ray Liotta). Most of them create their own characters as graphical novel heroes. The only one who holds some mystery and hides - at least for some time - her real intentions is the character played by Eva Green. All seem to enjoy themselves greatly to be in the film.

    All this concept is supported by a superb cinematographic solution which places the actors on sets that seem to be drawn in comics style and uses mostly black-and-white with touches of selected colors as in the mid 20th century comics books combined with the cinema masterpieces of 'film noir' from the same period. The execution is perfect, and the action scenes not only support the stories but also create moments of aesthetic wonder and fit perfectly in the atmosphere. The concept and the execution make of 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For' a rare combination of good entertainment and stylish cinema.