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25 August 2017 Release
Genres:Horror, Thriller
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In 1955 rural Texas, as a part of a brutal initiation test on his birthday, the young Jed Sawyer is assigned with the task of luring an unsuspecting random passer-by into the family's decrepit barn house. However, when Texas Ranger Hal Hartman's only daughter suffers a gruesome death, the boy will be forcibly separated from his evil mother for his own protection and placed in a mental institution. Ten years later, the nearly adult Jed along with a handful of criminally insane inmates will manage to escape the asylum during a wild riot, commencing a journey of murder and massacre as the vengeful Ranger is after them. Is this the origin of Leatherface, the demented serial killer?

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Movie Comments

  1. bloke_shwin, 2 months ago
    Saw this recently on a DVD. Having enjoyed Bustillo n Maurys previous works (Inside, Livid n Among the living) n having seen all the seven parts of TCM, i was looking forward to this. Well, i wasn't disappointed. Surprisingly i got more than i bargained for. As a fan of road horror/thriller movies, this movie turned out to b a perfect combo. The film is suspenseful, tensed n at times brutal, the film will keep u guessing who's Leatherface. The movie succeeded in paying homage to: 1)There is a psychotic couple on the run who kills people mercilessly a la Natural born killers. 2)There is a bonding between two boys in which one fella takes care of the other deranged fella a la Of Mice and men. 3)There is a cop who is hell bent on revenge from a deranged family a la Devils rejects. 4)This is indeed a befitting prequel a la Hannibal Rising, explaining the story of the young Leatherface's evolution into a deranged killer. 5)It does have shades of One flew over the cuckoos nest. 6)There is a scene which is similar from the Revenant n another brutal scene from another film.... The previous prequel showed him as a mentally n deformed face fellow who just kills but this prequel showed a proper descent into madness n the trauma at a young age which does make for a more entertaining origin story. While the 1974 original will forever be a classic without showing on screen violence, this film does have some very brutal violence but not the kind of gore which is there in the remake n the its prequel. Surprisingly good star cast n solid acting by Dorff n Taylor.
  2. Platypuschow, 2 months ago
    I've not been a fan of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, they've had their moments but have never impressed me. This latest outing is no exception and I feel the whole thing needs to be put on the shelf for a while.

    With a couple of familiar faces in Stephen Dorff & Lili Taylor we see an alternative origin story for our antagonist as it tells the story of young Mr Sawyer and his early run ins with the law.

    It starts strong enough and exceeded my expectations (Which were low going in) but it quickly spirals into mediocrity and covers the content we've seen already for the past 40yrs! It's time for Leatherface to hang up his chainsaw and go on an extended vacation. Somewhere nice, to recuperate and come back reinvigorated in a decade or two.

    The Good:

    Starts strong

    The Bad:

    Predictable twist

    Falls apart a tad near the end

    Things I Learnt From This Movie:

    It takes approximately 1 minute 20 seconds to get over a murdered child

    The franchise is badly burnt out

    Leatherface should have kept the cow mask!
  3. rbrb, 2 months ago
    Gloriously gory horror flick that may have the professional critics squirming with indignation, but this picture had me squirming with delight.

    I don't care if its' a prequel or sequel or whatever this movie can stand on its own as a nasty- but for its' genre -nice piece of film making that screams out for a part 2.

    A dysfunctional family take delight in torturing whoever crosses them and when one of their number is admitted to an insane institution, then the fun really begins.

    Have to remember this is a black comedy and made for viewers to enjoy and not to be taken seriously.

    And what is even more laughable is the cops are portrayed as even worse that the villains!

    The star of the show is a matriarchal monster mother played by Lili Taylor who dominates every scene she is in and convinces me to give this film 7 and a half rounded up, hence: 8/10.

  4. Thought_Criminal_J62377, 2 months ago
    Why are movies so raunchy now and so devoid of likable characters to get invested in. Nurse White was the only decent human being in this tub of horseshit. I miss movies the way they used to be made. Now everyone's ugly, both inside and out.

    I can't stand Stephen Dorff, because he seems as unlikable in real life, as his movie characters are.