Berlin Syndrome

6.3 IMDb
20 Jan 2017 Release
Genres:Drama, Horror, Mystery
6 Votes

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Travelling all alone, searching for life experiences and self-discovery, young Australian photographer from Brisbane, Clare, leaves her real estate company to wander the streets of Berlin open to a backpacking adventure. Shortly, while admiring former GDR's architecture, Clare will accidentally bump into Andi, a charming, mild-mannered high school English teacher, and even though he is a total stranger, something in his gentle and sweet disposition will set the stage for an innocent flirtation in the hassle of the big city. Eventually, as the two of them explore Berlin together, they will end up in Andi's vacant and somewhat dilapidated tenement building, but when morning comes, Clare will make an unsettling discovery and realise that in reality, she is not a guest, but a vulnerable caged bird kept inside a reinforced prison designed to never let her out. Could she have sensed the snake in the grass? Enjoy watching Berlin Syndrome online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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