How to Be a Latin Lover

5.9 IMDb
28 April 2017 Release
$ 10 000 000 Budget
115 min Duration
Genres:Comedy, Drama
Countries:USA, uae
Director:Ken Marino
Writers:Chris Spain, Jon Zack
5 Votes

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Dumped by his extremely rich 80-year-old wife for a younger boy-toy after twenty-five years of prosperous marriage, pampered, yet penniless gold-digger Maximo is forced to take matters into his own hands, perhaps for the very first time in his once luxurious life. As a result, the ageing gigolo will have no other choice but to seek shelter with his estranged widowed sister Sara and his 10-year-old nephew Hugo, completely unprepared though for a rude awakening coupled with a big slice of real life on the side. But once a seducer, always a seducer and as spoiled Maximo struggles to squeeze out one decent idea that would throw him back into the arms of yet another fabulously wealthy widow, a new opportunity will appear; one that includes a profitable first-rate tutorship in how to be the perfect Casanova.

Movie Comments

  1. Gordon-11, 3 weeks ago
    This film tells the story of a professional sugar son, who has been the toy boy of a rich woman for twenty five years. One day, he is replaced by someone younger, and he has to find another wife just to survive.

    Maximo is really confident and charming, so it's easy to see that he is attractive to some ladies. His misadventures during his quest for another lady are really funny. The family subplot is really good as well, as it is touching and genuine. I liked everything in this film. I really enjoyed watching it, and laughed a lot.
  2. Otuo Isaac oneil, 3 weeks ago
    You really get what you work for.And to be honest the characters in this movie worked hard through a great acting.The setting of the movie was great.And credit also goes to the dialogue.It was simple and easily understandable.The negative thing was it predictable screenplay.But in all it was a nice movie.Deserving a higher ratings.
  3. Lugo1989, 3 weeks ago
    Most comedies that have been released this year were pretty much horrendous and treat viewers like they have an IQ of -50. With that being said, How to Be a Latin Lover is a true breath of fresh air, it's been a while since a movie made me feel this good and it definitely deserves a higher rating that 5.8.

    The storyline is simple, main characters charming, writing witty, the acting is top-notch especially from Eugenio Derbez, the jokes are not forced which is a rarity nowadays and there are many laugh out loud moments that are nicely spread throughout the movie so it never loses momentum and becomes dull despite being almost 2 hours long.

    If you are looking for a quality charming feel-good movie don't miss this one and ignore all the bad reviews, fun is guaranteed.