The Boss Baby

6.4 IMDb
12 March 2017 Release
$ 125 000 000 Budget
97 min Duration
Genres:Animation, Comedy, Family
Director:Tom McGrath
Writers:Michael McCullers, Marla Frazee
10 Votes

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Seven-year-old Tim Templeton has always been a boy of an overactive imagination, and for the past seven years, life was all peaches for him, getting all the love and affection from his caring parents. However, life will never be the same and Tim won't be the centre of attention anymore as the arrival of an improbable new brother named Boss Baby, dressed in a black suit complete with a tie and a briefcase, will shortly rob him of all love, as he takes over the whole Templetons' house. Nevertheless, although this may be true, soon, Tim and the new Boss in a diaper will need to put differences aside and join forces, as a sneaky scheme involving the head of Puppy Co. threatens to tilt the balance of power towards their insidiously adorable furry antagonists, not to mention that the next Pet Convention is in only two days.. Brothers, hurry up.

Movie Comments

  1. Christopher R, 1 month ago
    Wake up little halflings, it's time to leave. Go and live your peasant lives. BEGONE WITH YOU!

    These are the last words to a solidly mediocre movie starring Baldwin, Kimmel, Kudrow, Buscemi and Maguire called Boss Baby. Most of these actors I genuinely like and appreciate. I feel like Dreamworks though, took a dump in my mouth and hopes that I don't realize what I am eating. Do they just despise being forced to do such broad based comedy that they are mad at the "peasants"? I know, I know…I am reading too much into this line. But there is no way that there isn't meaning and intention behind this final cut scene. There are lots of ways to say goodbye in a movie. Some clever and some condescending. If you spend the money to put this specific scene in a spot where most will not see it, and those that do will likely not care, to what end is it done?

    Maybe they know this thing is crap, but still wish to cling to the notion that they are not. My guess is that most of the big names involved in this adventure in potty humor are always publicly praising the "little guy" who they wouldn't dare call a peasant to their face. They seem to despise my family, and the rest of us that exist within this vast ocean of mediocrity. I realize that raising your head just a little higher than that ocean is extremely difficult. Unfortunately, this movie weighs like an anchor on the soul of everyone involved.

    Most of the talent and executives will probably smile to themselves with self-satisfaction as hundreds of millions of dollars are almost guaranteed to roll in from the purse of these peasants. I now hate myself for being one of them. The moment I saw that cut scene, I regretted ever allowing my children the indulgence of such garbage. Take my money and spit in my face too…galling.
  2. nivimcghee, 1 month ago
    I Was not expecting this to be a good movie but it was indeed. It was very creative and was full of laughs..Loved it!! The animation is amazing.It delivered a good message in a unique way, through a kid with a great imagination perspective. this is a must see movie to watch with the entire family.
  3. SnoopyStyle, 1 month ago
    Tim Templeton has the perfect life. He and his parents form the perfect triangle. His parents work at Puppy Co. One day, a new baby (Alec Baldwin) arrives at their door. Tim is bitter that his parents are completely head over heels for the impeccably suited baby. He's actually a smart Boss Baby on a mission for Baby Corp to stop Puppy Co.'s new Forever Puppy.

    I expected nothing more than another stupid kids movie relying on poop jokes. This is more than that. There is surprisingly few poop jokes. On the other hand, it has an interesting original idea and it works. It's kinda fun and hits on a real thing about sibling rivalries. The characters are good. I'm shocked that this is pretty good.
  4. shobanchittuprolu, 2 weeks ago
    The Boss Baby (2017): In the early days of computer-generated animation, the stories weren't very taxing but the writing was expressive and the animation was breathtaking. However, as the days of Pixar and Dreamworks evolved, the stories started to become more advanced, and it seemed like the technology grew on pace with the storytelling tools that the filmmakers would use. However, with any growth medium, there's bound to be a ceiling, and The Boss Baby is further proof that maybe we should scale back on the CGI films, because while the visuals are still gorgeous, the stories are really starting to drop.

    Plot: A new baby's arrival impacts a family, told from the point of view of a delightfully unreliable narrator -- a wildly imaginative 7-year-old named Tim. The most unusual Boss Baby (Alec Baldwin) arrives at Tim's home in a taxi, wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase. The instant sibling rivalry must soon be put aside when Tim discovers that Boss Baby is actually a spy on a secret mission, and only he can help thwart a dastardly plot that involves an epic battle between puppies and babies.

    My Review: The Boss Baby is one of the most contrived and complicated children's cartoons you'll see all year.Half-way into the film,you can clearly observes several adult references and crass humor which is cheap way to attract both adults and kids but they guessed it wrong.Grown-ups never need adult jokes to make them laugh and the makers should have rechecked their supposed master plan as we do not expect such grossy comedy from the producers who bought us Kung Fu Panda,Madagascar and lot more.Even the plot of stop a dastardly plan to invent a puppy so adorable that people stop having babies clearly not at all a kid-stuff.

    Even with such confusing aspects still The Boss Baby is good one to watch with few moments to laugh and definitely will not get bored.But with some focus on clever writing,this movie could have been lot better.The film trades in both vaguely sly "adult jokes" and overly broad children's humor, with neither really landing a killing blow of entertainment. What makes this even worse is the fact that the film's story is a disjointed mess that could really use some effective humor to fill in the narrative cracks..

    But perhaps the best component of The Boss Baby are the retro-futuristic visuals the film is drenched in. The folks who designed the film's look must have really loved The Incredibles, because that film's 60's jet-set style visuals are well represented in every frame of this film.The best part is watching it in 3D.The Boss Baby is one of the best 3D experiences you should watch.The depth and the pop-out effects are brilliantly done that we even forget how lacking the plot is.

    So,The Boss Baby is a passable animated film but if you really want to watch it,I recommend watching it only in 3D.

    My Rating 6/10