Kill Switch

4.9 IMDb
17 May 2017 Release
Genres:Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Countries:Netherlands, Germany, USA
8 Votes

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A pilot battles to save his family and the planet after an experiment for unlimited energy goes wrong.

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Movie Comments

  1. Hellmant, 2 months ago
    'KILL SWITCH': Three Stars (Out of Five)

    A sci-fi/thriller about a physicist, and former pilot, who must save the universe when an experiment, dealing with unlimited quantum energy, goes horrifically wrong. It stars Dan Stevens, Berenice Marlohe, Tygo Gernandt, Charity Wakefield and Mike Reus. It was directed by first time feature filmmaker Tim Smit, and it was written by Charlie Kindinger and Omid Nooshin. I found it to be a mildly entertaining, and somewhat interesting, sci-fi/thriller flick.

    The story is set in the near future, when a power company (called Alterplex) has built a huge tower which can access unlimited quantum energy. Strange things begin occurring around the world though, because of this new power device, and former pilot (and physicist) Will Porter (Stevens) is called on to help. He's sent into an alternate universe (which is a mirrored version of Earth); and it also has a giant tower which controls quantum energy. Once there Will realizes that this universe is in much worse shape than his own, and he has to team-up with alternate versions of people that he knows (in his own world), in order to try to save both of their dimensions.

    Most of the movie is filmed in a first-person perspective, like a video game. I think this effect worked well in the 2015 action flick 'HARDCORE HENRY', but here it's a little less effective; primarily because this film doesn't 100% commit to it. I think Dan Stevens is a good actor (especially in the awesome 2014 action-thriller 'THE GUEST'), but here his talents are a little wasted (especially since he's barely on screen in it). The film has a great premise though, and some cool effects, it just seems like it could have been a lot better in my opinion.
  2. walkertechie, 2 months ago
    OK so I have no one to blame but myself for this. I feel for the trailer in thinking this might be worthwhile. I actually rented it and boy I'm sorry I wasted 5 bucks. I'm only 26 minutes in and I already hate this turd. Where to begin. Well as has been the top complaint of most reviewers, it the over use of the ridiculous first person shooter style. Not only was is nauseating done, but seemed extremely amateurish as well. I get what the director was trying to do but it really gets annoying after 10 minutes or so. It actually started making me sick to my stomach and giving me a bit of vertigo. And that's really something as I'm a recreational pilot for one. I've also seen other shaky cam movies I.e., Cloverfield, Blair Witch and a few others. None gave me such a physically unnerving feeling. Next was the tremendously bad acting and writing. The cast couldn't impart any true emotions or express their personality or even humanity. I just didn't have any connection to their characters. The script as equally atrocious in not providing and real storytelling or environment to the film. Everything seemed thrown together and disjointed from scene to scene. There was no setup at the beginning of the film to give the viewer any sense of scope or development to the events. Individual scenes where disjointed and out of place. I also had a tremendous problem with the rather hokey science. As science fiction fans realize, you do have to suspend your disbelief often enough. I mean we're not expecting to see a scientific documentary, but this thing couldn't convince a 6 year old any of this were possible. The whole premise for the new energy source was stupid and juvenile. Yes the sfx were decent at times, and others looked like they'd been cooked up on someone's laptop and thrown in at the last minute as a scene filler or to try for the WOW effect. Oh and you me more gripe is this film gave no sense of scale or location. One minute it looks and feel like Europe and the next the US. I also apologize to our friends across the pond but, the European characters accents sounded wooden and annoyingly unemotional. Was this done on purpose to make it seem like the Dutch characters are evil, or just poor acting by the cast? Can tell which but it didn't matter as the remaining cast did such a horrific job with their roles. Plot holes abound and are so glaringly apparent that the film as a whole looks and feels like a bunch of YouTube videos stitched together to make one whole. Didn't matter in the end anyhow as this one is a major fail. Hopefully someone reads these reviews and saves themselves the headache and their cash. Stay away far away from this dog show.
  3. Brian Maneke, 1 month ago
    While the science by its self is reasonably sound, at the same time; I believe that String theory is a subset of M-Theory while I am not completely up-to-date on the in's and out's I fairly certain these two are not reconcilable together as they are both Opposing Theory's!

    Further more this movie lost me the moment I was supposed to believe that He has to travel 8+ Km while walking right past a Boat and then a Bike! I mean common who's not going to take a boat to the island in the middle of the giant lake! We're supposed to believe the main actor is standing on a bridge over looking water with boats parked in dock and in the distance is the tower, if they wanted to do the FPS sequence thing they should have watched Doom at-least that was done right ... The movie just gets more cliché from that point forward.

    I was really hoping that this was going to be a hidden gem something that slipped under the radar ending up on some under-rated list, but I don't see that happening.

    Save your self the time and just go watch cat videos on or something.
  4. j_ryberg, 1 month ago
    I liked this one a lot. I've liked Dan Stevens since "Downton Abbey" and "The Guest". Also, I'm giving this one "A for Accomplishment", as it's another "How the bleep did they do it?" movie. It sure had more studios involved than I've ever seen at the top of a movie before (and somebody else can enlighten me on just what all those entities do). The plot involves a scary-to-begin-with plan to create a 2nd or "echo" Earth (universe??) and draw power from the echo, solving all our power needs for-evah! Of course, something goes quite, quite wrong, and a small group of heroes have to go, y'know, THERE, and try to undo the mess. There are a few too many close calls here, with nifty hovering gunships, where the sighting and aiming program must've been hacked by Kim Jung Un. Stevens' "Will Porter" gets knocked out too many times, with "Concussion detected" showing up on his built-in "Google Glass". But it's good and worth seeing, because it's so unique, and I'd sure like to see the budget for this one.