Lean on Pete

7.4 IMDb
1 Sep 2017 Release
Genres:Adventure, Drama
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In the modern world, there are often situations where animals show more kindness and responsiveness than people. A young guy who grew up in a poor family, from an early age, went to work. He did not have the power, knowledge, but he did not avoid any work for which he was paid. Because of the difficulties in communicating with peers who ridiculed him for his dirty and torn clothes, which he physically could not buy, he became withdrawn. But one day, he was lucky enough to get into a stable. Taking care of the horses, as well as courting them, he imbued them with respect and feelings. The owner of the farm participates in races. At one of these competitions, Charlie gets to know the horse. With one glance, he let him know that he understands man and obeys him. Before one of the races, he asked: "Rely on Pete," and he was heard. A four-legged friend let him down, and he was put up for sale. Now the boy has nothing to do but steal his new companion and flee. The plan of flight was to find an old aunt with whom he had not communicated for many years. But in the end, by his actions, he killed him. Enjoy watching Lean on Pete online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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