Higher Power

3.8 IMDb
9 May 2018 Release
Genres:Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
9 Votes

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The fate of mankind is facing an irresistibly impending danger predicted by talented scientists trying to warn the leadership to take certain measures to prevent a catastrophe. However, the government did not listen to Joseph's convincing arguments, accepting the theoretical facts presented for the unthinkable delirium of a madman who perceives the surrounding world inadequately. The project developed by Stepman is closed, considering it inappropriate to allocate finances for senseless, space research.  Soon the minister of science receives a phone call from an unknown person, confirming the real threat of destruction of the earthly civilization. The malefactor seized his family members, demanding unconditional execution of orders coming from him.  
Starts a peculiar, deadly game, which started the insane kidnapper, defining in a crazy race his own rules, which must be performed without hesitation, otherwise people will die. Fulfilling the instructions received from the madman, Stepman soon discovers in himself the presence of super abilities, which are activated in times of special embitterment and psychoemotional arousal. It turns out that the purpose of this confrontation was the creation of a superman capable of adequately counteracting the radiation that would be lethal from outer space for all inhabitants of the Earth. Enjoy watching Higher Power online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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