The Cured

5.5 IMDb
9 Sep 2017 Release
Genres:Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi
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For six years, Europe was attacked by a devastating virus that turned people into zombie-like monsters. When humanity was already desperate to find a way to control the epidemic, a medicine was found. However, cured people can not get rid of the burden of their "infected" past. The dream of creating a two-tiered society that would help reintegrate the infected has failed.  
Many of those who were cured were not taken back to their families, others suffer from the control framework imposed by the government. Feeling of fear, guilt and wickedness, together with the decision of the state to get rid of the resisting, leads to the emergence of a terrorist movement that plunges society back into chaos.

"The Cured" is a social and psychological horror film with Ellen Page ("Juneau", "Beginning") in the title role. The director and screenwriter was David Freyn, for whom the tape was a full-length debut.
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