F*&% the Prom

4.4 IMDb
5 Dec 2017 Release
11 Votes

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The plot of the independent American comedy unfolds around Maddie and Cole, who have been friends for many years. In high school, the children were practically inseparable. They almost did everything together. And it seemed that nothing could spoil such a strong friendship. However, eventually their paths began to diverge: Maddy soon became one of the most popular girls in school, and Cole turned into a real loser. After that their paths parted, and they practically ceased to communicate with each other. Now Maddie and Quool have different social circle and different interests. But suddenly, fate again brought friends of childhood together. It happened after the guy Maddy threw it and went to another girl. And now the heroine wants to unite with an old friend, to take revenge on the former, spoiling his graduation. Will Maddy and Quool do this? Enjoy watching F*&% the Prom online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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