6.2 IMDb
24 April 2017 Release
Genres:Action, Drama, Mystery
Countries:Czech Republic, Switzerland, UK, USA
12 Votes

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A CIA interrogator is lured into a ruse that puts London at risk of a biological attack.

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Movie Comments

  1. erdal-eroglu, 2 months ago
    Very good start with fine actors. Story reflects today's fight with different types of terrorism. Unfortunately, it was predictable. I had guessed the main culprit from almost the beginning and the story did unfold as per expectations. Some of the story line seemed too easy - with Noomi Rapace character being too much on top of things in some scenes, especially in the end scenes. Orlando Bloom was very good in his role. Noomi Rapace was also quite good.

    Good watch on a rainy day - I would not buy it or re-watch it.
  2. Bob Rutzel, 1 month ago
    Alice (Noomi Repace) is a CIA agent Interrogator who is haunted by a bridge bombing 2-yrs ago and believes it was her fault CIA agents died on that bridge. She is called in to interrogate a Muslim man who is supposed to deliver a message to the Chief Imam who will give the go-ahead to place a biological virus in a populated place in London. She soon realizes that she was fooled by these rogue agents and escapes. She is not sure who to trust, but knows she must find out where the virus is and what is the target.

    The story has more twists and turns than a ride on the Wild Mouse in Coney Island. The things you see cannot all be believed and that is Alice's problem too. Who will she trust?

    The action scenes are very good and believable The acting and dialogues are good, but sometimes misleading. Like it so far? Yes, way too many twists and turns and it can get messy.

    Notables: Michael Douglas as Eric Lasch, Alice's former CIA boss who convinces her she was not the blame for the bridge bombing; Toni Collette as Emily the head of MI-5; John Malkovich as Bob Hunter who is Alice's real boss and he believes there is a mole in his agency; Orlando Bloom as Jack who is caught by Alice stealing a TV in her apartment and he convinces her he is a good guy.

    All the twists and turns come to an end near the end of the movie and it is here you will understand everything.

    And just for the record, I have ridden that Wild Mouse in Coney Island back in the day. Quite a ride. So too with this movie. (7/10)

    Violence: Yes. Sex: No. Nudity No. Language: Yes, some, not much.
  3. lucidos, 1 month ago
    In this movie the bad guys are white men and the good guys are Muslims and of course white women. Not even the professional critics like, this cliché thriller with stereotypical characters, wild conspiracy theories, and standard action sequences. This is done for feminists and diversity snowflakes that are taking over Hollywood. Sad.
  4. Luigi Di Pilla, 1 month ago
    I was surprised how dynamic this terrorism story was told. I mean there were some interesting elements that opened my eyes wide. I don't wanna spoil these points out. If you have really nothing to do this cat and mouse thriller is worth a watch. There are many intriguing plots filled with action and suspense. Perhaps some parts of the spy bloc, M15 or CIA could be presented in a less complex way. Unlocked shows clearly that this terror attacks could happen one day somewhere on our planet. I don't hope of course but it let me thinking for a while. There could be easily a sequel with Noomi Rapace. She was great and I liked her very much in this role. My wife gave 5 and me 7 out of ten = 6/10.

    If you liked this I recommend to see the other terrorism thrillers THE SUM OF ALL FEARS, WHITE HOUSE DOWN or OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN.