The Leisure Seeker

6.6 IMDb
3 Sep 2017 Release
Genres:Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Countries:Italy, France
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Spectators of the film "The Leisure Seeker" will witness a touching family drama. In the center of the plot is an elderly couple. Both of them understand that life is coming to the end, especially since the spouse is sick with the incurable disease that many people are exposed to in old age and which is named after the doctor who described her symptoms - Alzheimer's. Now this name sounds, as if speaking with a stretched term of execution for many elderly people. The fact that her beloved person does not have much in this life is acutely aware of the heroine, played by Mirren. Finally, both of them decide to arrange a last holiday in their life, and by hiring a trailer they go on a journey along Route 66, which takes them to their childhood - to fun and recklessness, brightness and a mass of stunning impressions - to Disneyland.

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