7.5 IMDb
2 Sep 2016 Release
$ 60 000 000 Budget
Genres:Biography, Drama
7 Votes

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The film audience has repeatedly shown epic movies, which show human courage and courage in moments of greatest danger, this picture refers directly to this group. Based on real events, the film tells us the story of an emergency landing of a passenger airplane A320, which during the flight collided with a flock of geese that flew past, which led one of the engines out of order. The captain realizes that the situation is deplorable, and fate today clearly plays against them. The hero of Tom Hanks takes an unprecedented decision - to land the liner on the waters of the Hudson River. Implementation of this plan is complete madness, but it becomes clear to everyone that this is their only chance. The crew mobilizes all their skills to save not only passengers, but also residents of the city of New York from an unexpected collision with a huge flying machine. Landing succeeds, all are alive and well, but the commander is called "on the carpet" to the State Committee for the Investigation of Aircraft Crashes. Will the members of the committee share the opinion of Captain Sally as a hero of our day, or will they accuse him of undue risk? Enjoy watching Sully online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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