Miss Sloane

7.5 IMDb
11 Nov 2016 Release
$ 13 000 000 Budget
Genres:Drama, Thriller
Countries:France, USA
7 Votes

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The main character of the film "Miss Sloane" is an ambitious and confident woman who is not afraid to defend her beliefs even in confrontation with authoritative and dangerous people. Ms. Sloan lobbies interests of prominent politicians who need help in promoting their initiatives in all sorts of committees and public gatherings. The heroine always achieves the set goals, and therefore deservedly respected by colleagues, clients and even direct competitors.  
But once Miss Sloane received an order that could put an end to her professional career. Moreover - the life of the lobbyist is under threat, because her opponent does not stop at anything to save her own interests. With all her strength, the heroine is trying to achieve a new law that would establish control over the manufacture and distribution of lethal weapons. Naturally, the bill does not suit representatives of large arms enterprises, which earn huge money and are not going to leave the market. Now at stake is not only the reputation of an indestructible miss, but also her life ...

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