Maya the Bee: The Honey Games

5.6 IMDb
1 Feb 2018 Release
Genres:Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Countries:Germany, Australia
3 Votes

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The unrelieved point of Maya does not prevent her from falling into difficult situations. Only that the summer harvest of the river was restored. In the tripartite observance of Maya, the immanent of the empress gets in, for she desires to receive the invitation to participate in the Great Medieval Games. But the news delivered by the father introduces the bee to the brightness. It turns out, ee-ule not only is not allowed to the spouses, but also, and, according to the order of the empress, must leave the half of the harvested meat on the food of the spritzers. Refusing to comply with the order, Maia turns to Baztripolis in order to instruct the prophetess. Enjoy watching Maya the Bee: The Honey Games online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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