A Ghost Story

6.9 IMDb
22 January 2017 Release
$ 100 000 Budget
Genres:Drama, Fantasy, Romance
10 Votes

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In this singular exploration of legacy, love, loss, and the enormity of existence, a recently deceased, white-sheeted ghost returns to his suburban home to try to reconnect with his bereft wife.

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Movie Comments

  1. barbagvido, 2 months ago
    A Ghost Story is a movie about a man who dies and leaves his wife behind but comes back as a ghost under a sheet, silently observing the aftermath of his death. It's directed by David Lowery (Pete's Dragon) and stars Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara.

    It's very odd, but I like odd movies and if you like that too, you're in for a treat here. They can actually come across as a pretty nice refreshment from blockbusters and blockbusters can sometimes help as a break from art-house so I love keeping that balance, I enjoy both equally. These kinds of movies mostly stick with me more though and if you are looking for some food for thought, this is exactly what you need. There are more movies like that this year, but alongside mother! this is one of the better ones. From the very beginning, you can tell you are witnessing something unique. The premise isn't really unlike anything we've seen before, but the way it's done is. It's so slow, a lot will probably think at times it's too slow, but it sells for me because it adds up to a haunting atmosphere and later to a feeling of grief. It's filled with symbolisms while not just throwing them at you all the time, but it has that one exposition scene that should have been more subtle. I don't think it shouldn't have been there, I think it was necessary to highlight the themes of this movie, but it went on for too long and too much into details, so it felt a bit forced and out of place. Ghe second act is the reason why I didn't think it was perfect. The first act is so much heartbreak and grief done beautifully, but then it just doesn't go anywhere through the second act. It's not like nothing happens at all, it's just that there were too much unnecessary stuff that really didn't add to anything. If the second act was cut down a bit and the exposition scene wasn't so overused, it would be a perfect 10. This way, it stays at 9, but it doesn't really damage the movie too much. Third act, right after the exposition scene, is beautiful. I loved everything about the third act. Everything about it was pure beauty.

    Just, if the second act was any better, the movie itself would have been a lot better. But the strength of the first and the third act carry this beautiful thought provoking movie.
  2. ali_king-21202, 1 month ago
    Alright, I can see why and how people would interpenetrate this film as pretentious but bare with it. This film obviously focuses on the grieving stage but more so from the perspective of the deceased which is quite an innovative angle.

    Parts I liked: The film uses creative camera angles with plenty of long shots taken from still angles, and from what I've read, there were many shots that only took one take to film. The camera adds to the dreary, depressing atmosphere David Lowery wants you to feel, after all this is a film about bereavement. Affleck and Mara deliver a solid, believably performance when they're both on camera together, which is no surprise as I believe Affleck is fantastic in all of his works. The ghost itself (also played by Affleck) is an interesting character to read. When watching I did start to feel a connection to the poor ghost who is left in a time lapse. There are some tear jerker scenes when it's evident the ghost (Affleck) just want's to comfort his bereaved wife. The ghost also shows anger when it witnesses it's wife close to another man. All of these aspects added to the character development of the friendly ghostly character which kept me interested throughout the movie. I noticed a lot of people are not a fan of the long scenes (pie scene) but I felt it added to the immersion of what life is like after losing someone close to you. I liked the pie scene in particular, it's a slow burner where you can see Mara's characters emotions building up as she starts to eat more and more aggressively until she ends up being sick, all the while our poor ghostly character watches over her. I felt this captured the numbness and pain Mara's character is feeling in this scene. As a final point for the positives, I felt the sound track captured the mood of the film really well and added to my experience.

    Things I didn't like: About halfway through the movie I started to lose interest slightly, mainly because the story leaves Mara's character behind and focuses on the location, i.e the house. I felt this took away the sentimental value of ghosty and Mara's characters connection, I mean, surly if ghosty can walk from the hospital to the house he could follow Mara's character, right? I didn't really care about how the house was knocked down or the squatters party scene, it's like the director wanted the audiences attention to be shifted from Mara's character to the house almost? I'm sure others will disagree with me but this is where I found my attention at this point in the film. When Mara's character comes back in I was sort of like 'Oh yeah, I remember her'. I felt the film brought out more of my emotions when it was ghosty following Mara's character.

    Conclusion: This film captures the struggles of someone graving fantastically and offers a unique angle from the dead's point of view which I really liked. It has plenty of scenes which you may need to bring the tissues out for, especially if you have just recently lost a loved one. I felt it lost it's way slightly and became a bit boring, however the story didn't take away from the cinematography which I think is great. The film requires you to feel a certain degree of empathy to the ghost to really feel what David Lowery was trying to achieve when filming.

    My overall score is 7 out of 10. I don't believe it deserves to be slated, however I can see why people would dislike this film. It's definitely worth a watch, if you're 50/50 about it, give it the first 40 mins and see how you feel.

    Also just wanted to drop in that I thought the casting of Kesha as the other ghost is probably the most bizarre cameos I have ever seen.
  3. courtneyjmoore, 1 month ago
    If you want to torture people, sticky tape their eyes open and throw this movie on repeat, they'll break within the first ten minutes.

    Also if I have to watch Casey Affleck mumble through yet another movie, I'll punch a butterfly in the ovaries

    In saying that, my dead grandmother could roll over faster in her grave than the plot could proceed.

    End conclusion = buy yourself a rag and some chloroform and grab a couple Zz's as opposed to watching this dribble.
  4. tiffyds, 1 month ago
    This has to be the worst film I have ever watched. In all honesty it took me 3 attempts to get to the end as I found it that dull I fell asleep, and by the time I had watched it, I quickly realised why I kept falling asleep. I recommend watching paint dry as it is more entertaining